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    17 Wild Bachelorette Parties That Took Things A Little Too Far

    "Enjoy the same penis forever!"

    1. This bachelorette party where the guests wore masks of the groom-to-be:

    made masks of sister's fiance face for Bachelorette party, this is what she walked in to from funny

    2. And this one where they spelled out how many penises the bride-to-be would be in contact with moving forward:

    So my sister is having her bachelorette party this weekend and her maid of honor couldn’t have done a better job. from funny

    3. This bachelorette party hired a hilariously appropriate stripper for the Dragon Ball–loving bride-to-be:

    My sisters and I love DB. My bachelorette party was this past Saturday and this is my reaction to who they hired! from dbz

    4. And this bachelorette party kept things more low-key for the She-Ra–loving bride-to-be:

    Watching She-Ra at a Bachelorette party!! What a wild time. from PrincessesOfPower

    5. This bachelorette party asked strangers to give the bride-to-be marital advice, and whoa nelly, did this person give some:

    Part of our bachelorette party scavenger hunt involved asking strangers to write down marital advice for the bride. This is what one lady wrote. from funny

    6. This bachelorette party had The Office–themed cookies:

    I made some The Office themed cookies for a bachelorette party. Thought this sub might enjoy. from DunderMifflin

    7. And this bachelorette party — complete with a sex doll and booze — happened at lunchtime on a Friday at a Jimmy John's:

    Someone brought a sex doll and alcohol to a bachelorette 12:30 pm on a Friday in a Jimmy John's from trashy

    8. This bachelorette party was cat-themed:

    It was a cat themed bachelorette party from funny

    9. And this bachelorette party's decorations were clawed at by a cat:

    Stanley is helping take down decorations from my bachelorette party. from ntbdbiwdfta

    10. This bachelorette party had an epic photobomb:

    Best photobomb at my cousins bachelorette party from funny

    11. This bachelorette party put a penis at the center of things:

    Mood lighting at a bachelorette party from funny

    12. And this bachelorette party at work did the same but more subtle-like:

    We had a bachelorette party at work and decided to be subtle in our humor by rearranging the tables from funny

    13. This bachelorette party put quite the party balloon hat on the bride-to-be:

    Bachelorette party balloon hat from funny

    14. And this bachelorette party had fun with a different kind of hat:

    Went to a bachelorette party last night. Apparently this is a thing. [Plot Twist: I'm a dude] from funny

    15. This bachelorette party couldn't find anyone to make them a penis cake, so they instead got their local Pick 'n Save bakery to make something slightly less racy:

    Nobody would make a dick cake for the Bachelorette party, so we convinced the Pick n Save to collaborate with us on this. from funny

    16. This bachelorette party had a pro wrestling theme, and you'll never guess how far they took it unless you watch the clip:

    Unique bachelorette party theme from WTF

    17. And lastly, this bachelorette party sounds like it was a blast for everyone...except the person in the next hotel room:

    My soon to be sister-in-law had a bachelorette party last night and this was found under their door. from funny