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23 Fun Ways To Scare Your Kids This Halloween

Because kids need more than just treats.

1. Put your "head" in a jar, then leave it in the fridge to be discovered.

That's no head of lettuce. Learn how to pull off this trick here.

2. Serve up some "spider chip cookies."

For extra fun, tell your kids an hour or so before serving that you found a bunch of spiders in the kitchen that morning.

3. Give your kids a startle the next time they use the bathroom.

Order this toilet monster decal here.

4. You can give them a scare when they reach for the toilet paper, too.

5. Hang this pleasant fellow made out of craft paper at the end of a dark hallway.

You: "Okay, pal. Why don't you go brush your teeth before bed." (Waits for scream)

6. Put fake cockroaches in your kids' cereal box.

Then sit back and watch their face when they pour themselves a bowl. Order a novelty pack of the creepy crawlers here.

7. Make your kids think there's a ghost in the backyard.

Learn how to make this not-actually-a-ghost out of chicken wire here.

8. Use toilet paper rolls to put glowing eyes just outside your kids' bedroom window.

Just be prepared for your kids to ask to sleep in your bed once they see them.

9. Wake your kids up Halloween morning wearing plastic fangs.

Flickr: not-so-much / Via Creative Commons

Extra points for wearing devil horns, too.

10. Buy an "Undead Ted" and place it innocently among your kid's stuffed animal collection.

Order your own Undead Ted here.

11. Freak out your kids by eating a bowl of creepy worms.

They're easy to make using a box of straws and Jell-O. Learn how here.

12. Hang a talking tree decoration on a tree outside.

When your kids walk past a motion sensor will trigger the decoration to speak, which will likely trigger your kids to soil their underwear.

13. Pack a "bloody" hard boiled egg in their lunch.

Your kid's screams will fill the school cafeteria. Find out how to put red Jell-O in an egg shell here.

14. Turn a regular photo into a haunted one using the Camera Hoax app.

15. Pose as a harmless scarecrow decoration on your porch.

Then, when your kids come home, jump up and give them a fright!

16. Give your kids a chill by chilling their drinks with creepy cubes.

All you need are some dollar store spiders. Learn more here.

17. Write a scary message with liquid dish soap on the bathroom mirror.

When your kid gets out of the shower they'll be shocked to see the steam revealed your hidden message. I'd suggest: "Eat your veggies or else."

18. You can also make your mirror "haunted."

Learn how here.

19. Hide your hand in a candy bowl.


Cover a large cardboard box with a plastic table cloth so it looks like a table, then cut a hole in the top. Put a candy bowl (with a hole of its own) atop the table, then hide underneath. When your kid takes a candy, reach up and grab their wrist!

20. Put red Kool-Aid in a shower head.

It will send a "bloody" blast of water shooting out when your kid (teen?) turns on the shower. See a tutorial here.

21. Stick eyes on the food in the refrigerator.

"Mom, I'm getting a snack... AAAARRGGHHHH!"

22. Place a scary mask on your kid's pillow.*m2*products*00*01*01*59*M20001015984_2.jpg

Perfect for kids who take forever to get out of bed in the morning.

23. Stick press-on nails in hot dogs.


Then leave the "appendages" around the house for your kids to stumble across.

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