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23 Faces Every Parent Will Immediately Recognize

If you have kids, you know.

1. The "Your Kid Won't Stop Asking Why" Face.

2. The "Forgot Diapers When Out In Public" Face.

3. The "Kid Just Announced They Need To Bring Six Dozen Cookies To School Tomorrow" Face.


4. The "Leaving Tantruming Kid In Their Room" Face.

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5. The "Meeting With The Principal" Face.


6. The "Listening To Your Kid Describe An Episode Of Sofia The First" Face.


7. The "Got Invited To Another Frozen Birthday Party" Face.

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8. The "Trying To Get Your Kid To Smile For The Camera" Face.


9. The "Someone Posted A Photo Of Their Kid's Dirty Diaper" Face.

10. The "Just Got The Kid Down For The Night" Face.

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11. The "Somebody Trying To Tell You How To Parent" Face.


12. The "Your Partner Doesn't Back You Up" Face.

13. The "Kid Just Asked How Babies Are Made" Face.

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14. The "Just Read Your Teenager's Facebook Wall" Face.

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15. The "Babysitter Doesn't Immediately Text Back" Face.


16. The "Invited To A Party That Starts At 10 P.M." Face.

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17. The "Someone Gave Your Kid Candy Without Asking You" Face.

18. The "Having To Pee With The Baby Asleep On You" Face.

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19. The "Kid Asked Why They Have So Much Less Halloween Candy In The Morning" Face.


20. The "There's A Parent At The Park Ignoring Their Kid" Face.

21. The "Getting Up To Feed The Baby" Face.

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22. The "Kid Just Shouted 'Nothing!' When Asked What They're Doing'" Face.


23. And The "Watching Your Kid In A School Play" Face.


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