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31 DIY Projects That Will Make Pregnancy So Much Easier

Make more than a baby.

1. DIY a full-body, contoured maternity pillow.

It may be big, but it'll work wonders on your aching back and help you get some sleep. Find the tutorial (and PDF pattern) here.

2. You can also make your own regular-sized maternity pillow.

Learn how here.

3. Sew a two-seam maternity dress.

This chic number is very easy to make. Learn how here.

4. Make pregnancy belly butter.

It's all-natural and might keep you from getting stretch marks. Find the how-to here.

5. You can also make miracle oil to help prevent stretch marks.

Bonus? It smells like chocolate. Find the tutorial here.

6. Freeze some electrolyte ice cubes.

These help combat morning sickness by replenishing electrolytes, which are important to the health of you and your baby. Get the instructions here.

7. Brew soothing pregnancy tea.

It's made with red raspberry leaf (which many believe can shorten labor), nettle leaf (which is packed with Vitamin K), and peppermint leaf (which can help with morning sickness). Learn more here.

8. Use your regular jeans a little longer with this trick.

All you need is a hair tie!

9. Make a maternity band using any fabric you like.

This DIY will let you keep wearing your favorite pants even after you can't fasten them.

10. You can also DIY a ruffled belly band.

See how to make it here.

11. Alter your regular jeans to make them into maternity jeans.

Wear your cool jeans into your third trimester. Learn more here.

12. Craft a cute maternity bow belt.

It will give you definition and an extra bit of flair. Find the DIY here.

13. Tie the perfect bow around your belly.

14. Make a pregnancy countdown shirt.

This is a super cute idea for taking a weekly photo to chart your growth. Find the tutorial here.

15. Put together a chalkboard pregnancy tracker.

This chalkboard is also great for a weekly photo, and lets you record your thoughts on your pregnancy for posterity. Find out more here.

16. Sew a stylish maternity skirt.

Be comfy and look fab. Find out how here.

17. Make a Monsters, Inc. maternity costume.

Take advantage of your baby bump and make this super cute Mike Wazowski T-shirt for Halloween (or anytime, really). Find the instructions and free printable here.

18. You can also make a pregnant skeleton costume.

This is perfect if you want a costume that is a little more Halloween spooky, but still adorable. Learn how here.

19. Make magnesium lotion.

Some believe it can relieve morning sickness and pregnancy-related heartburn. Find out more here.

20. Take your own maternity photos.

Read great tips here.

21. Reveal your baby's sex with DIY scratch-off postcards.

Fun for a baby shower or just dropping in the mail. Learn more here.

22. Make pregnancy announcement coffee mugs.

Check out the tutorial.

23. Put together a sonogram keepsake.

24. Make your own pregnancy journal.

These are so much more personal than the store-bought variety. Learn more here.

25. Sew a maternity swimsuit.

The cool thing about this DIY is that it can be turned into a non-maternity bathing suit after the baby is born. Find the tutorial here.

26. Whip up a pregnancy body scrub using strawberries.

Pamper yourself with this baby-safe body scrub. Learn more here.

27. Transform a man's shirt into an empire waist maternity shirt.

Find the how-to here.

28. Freeze some delicious nausea pops.

These are a lifesaver when you're battling morning sickness. Learn more here.

29. Cook a batch of labor cookies.

Do they work? At a certain point, you'll be willing to try! Find the recipe here.

30. DIY a hospital gown in the fabric of your choice.

Just because you're having a baby doesn't mean you can't look great. Learn more here.

31. Put together some "thank you packs" for the nurses who help deliver your baby.

It's a great way to show your appreciation for all they do. Learn more here.

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