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    23 DIY Holiday Gifts Kids Can Give To Their Parents

    You don't need a fat bank account to give the perfect gift.

    1. Popsicle Stick Frames

    2. Personalized Coffee Mug

    3. Lego Cufflinks

    4. Handprint Calendar

    5. Homemade Butter and Spread

    6. Kid Made Gift Wrap

    7. Mini Book

    8. Cookies in a Jar

    9. Embroidered Felt Purse

    10. Homemade Moss Terrarium

    11. Recycled Lid Photo Magnets

    12. Chalkboard Coaster Set

    13. Mom's Gazette

    14. Notebook iPad Cover

    15. Photo Series

    16. Movie Buff Bowl

    17. Pixel Coasters

    18. Gefilte Fish Plate

    19. Clay Pinch Pots With Neon Accents

    20. Friendship Bracelets

    21. Decorated Golf Balls

    22. Business Card Holder

    23. Send a Hug

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