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    Dads, It's Time To Cut This Shit Out

    I'm scared... She's scared... We're all scared, m'kay?

    Okay, fellow dads. I like to play around with my kids too, but this shit? This gets me nervous.

    dadandlenny / Via

    Like really nervous.

    jake_casaus / Via

    Make that really, REALLY nervous.

    thisdadsjourney / Via

    I am firmly in the "as the mother sees" it camp. But we all should be, dads. WE ALL SHOULD!

    I know, I know. Dads have been throwing their kids in the air for a LONG time, but honestly... do we know for sure they all came down?

    Flickr: mricon / Via Creative Commons

    You can't even see the dad in this one... WHERE IS THE DAD?!

    Also, I know it's just supposed to be a little fun, but how does this not stress you out, dads? (Eyes dart to the rocks, water, and general OMFG-ness of it all.)

    dadtoss / Via

    Granted — this is awesome. But can we all agree this wasn't exactly the smartest move in the book?

    WTF are you doing to your children?!?!?!

    sens3i_steez / Via

    Shout-out to the timid dad on the left. My kind of guy.

    Is it a machismo thing? If so, I am happy to be the fraidy cat, wimpy dad waving safely from the bench.

    graysonmacnab / Via

    Look, dads, here is my argument in a nutshell: You know damn well you've dropped something in your life.

    One of my kid-tossing buddies from college once dropped a beer he was already holding. He was literally just standing there — holding a beer — when it slipped from his hands. AND YET HE TRUSTS HIMSELF TO THROW HIS KIDS IN THE AIR!

    Look at this kid wearing a GoPro — she's coming in fast and furious! Dads, you are not Ozzie Smith. You aren't going to catch everything.

    Odds are you will eventually drop your kid, and when that happens no one is going to be like, "It's cool, dad! You caught her the previous 967 times! This trip to the emergency room is TOTALLY forgotten!"

    Nope, drop that kid once and you'll be left thinking, "What was I ever thinking?" You will also be left sleeping on the couch.


    So please, dads, I beg of you. Find another, safer way to give your kid a thrill.

    This is too high, dads. Way too high.