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    Posted on Aug 27, 2016

    23 Times Dads Used Instagram To Make You Laugh Then Groan

    Watch out world, dads are on the 'gram.

    1. Dads don't Instagram quite like anyone else.

    ernitchgo / Via

    2. While they DO Instagram their food, it's usually with a caption like "My breakfast is egg-hast."

    teapotprinter / Via

    3. And when they 'gram beautiful scenery, it's with a caption like "It would be hard to get TIRED of this view."

    damninter / Via

    4. They don't take many selfies, but they do a lot of dad jokes.

    dmac_nz / Via

    5. Like, a lot of dad jokes.

    lablackburn / Via

    6. And while the photos sometimes speak for themselves...

    randomgeekydad / Via

    7. ...and need no caption at all...

    eli_reynolds_cushing / Via

    8. Most dad jokes are all about the caption, like: "Part of a tree hit my car. Not too much damage, I think."

    9. "How do I remember to eat fruit? I put it on my schedule."

    perfectionfoxes / Via

    10. "Bad pen dog! Bad!"

    hey_ney_ney / Via

    11. "When your Coke says something funny and you're like..."

    threegingers8paws / Via

    12. "U.F.O. caught on tape."

    cosmosmatters / Via

    13. "Where am I? Just some no-name town."

    kittenhotep / Via

    14. "Peppa Pig jigsaw puzzle."

    richo1984 / Via

    15. "USBnana."

    carljimenez / Via

    16. "We're running out of thyme!"

    patrickmillsaps / Via

    17. If you see a dad taking a photo of something weird — like a sweet potato — it's probably for the gram.

    kowalskiktm / Via


    18. Even a can of hair spray can end up on a dad's Instagram if he thinks of the right groaner.

    luke_anderson_crossfit_calder / Via

    A dad joke about a Coldplay song? Sounds about right.

    19. Dads are quick to Instagram the dad jokes they stumble across in public, too.

    nosurfingnyc / Via

    20. This means they're often snapping photos of street blackboards...

    threegingers8paws / Via

    21. Tackboards...

    rachellejacqueline / Via

    22. And marquees.

    yarngeek / Via

    23. Of course, they also post photos of themselves being a dad — but usually not without a caption like: "Teaching my kid the A, B, Seas."

    thedoublechintribe / Via

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