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    23 Cringeworthy Photos Of People Doing Things They'll Regret The Rest Of Their Lives

    What could go wrong?

    Ever have one of those days where you're like:

    You have? Oh, really? That bad? Well, we don't have to go there right now. Instead, let's have a laugh at the expense of these poor souls who definitely have regrets:

    1. This person who used a Walmart bag when bleaching their hair:

    2. And this person who forgot their bike was on their car's roof rack:

    3. This person who tried to drive their car down a bike path:

    4. This dog owner who let out their pup immediately after mowing the lawn:

    5. And this dog owner who left their not-yet-potty-trained puppy alone with a Roomba:

    6. This person who installed solar panels on their home despite living right next to a golf course:

    7. This driver who didn't feel the need to secure this statue:

    8. This driver who forgot to secure their boat:

    9. And this hearse driver who forgot to secure a coffin:

    10. This person who enjoyed letting their bird perch on their monitor...until they looked behind it:

    11. This person who accidentally sheared their doggo:

    12. Plus this person who forgot to put the dog in the kennel before leaving:

    13. This husband who insisted he didn't need any help putting on sunscreen:

    14. This social media manager who forgot to delete the intro text on this pre-written tweet:

    15. This truck driver who tried to drive under a low bridge:

    16. This person who put 100% faith in Google Maps to put them on the fastest route somewhere:

    17. This person who left their beauty mirror on the windowsill:

    18. This griller who threw away hot charcoal in their trash can:

    19. And these guys who just wanted a photo of the crispy rice they'd spent all afternoon making:

    20. This person who put their frozen pizza in the oven on a cutting board:

    21. This cook who tried to drain the deep fryer into a plastic bucket:

    22. This guy who went a little too hard on the playground:

    23. And this guy who tried to take a selfie with a snake he found on the road: