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    These Photos Of Ill-Conceived DIY Projects Will Haunt My Dreams

    Choices were made.

    We all love a good DIY, but not all DIYs are a good idea. In fact, some are absolutely mystifying! The subreddit r/DiWHY collects these head scratchers — here are some standout examples:

    1. These kitchen mixers that were converted into...lamps:

    2. This disturbing lighter that has been adorned with fake teeth:

    Did you know that you can buy fake teeth online and just glue them to whatever the hell you want?

    3. These framed photos that really dress up a corner of a room:

    Frames that are altered to fit in the corner of a room

    4. This microwave turned into a mailbox that raises a lot of questions:

    5. These shoes that were transformed into incognito barefoot shoes:

    Vans shoes with the soles removed

    6. A "remote stick" designed to keep you from misplacing the remote (I mean, I'm sure it does that, but...):

    A remote control on a long board

    7. A Nissan that has been upgraded into a Liam Nissan (OK, that's funny, but a long way to go for a joke!):

    A Nissan car with photos of Liam Neeson on it

    8. A stairwell beautified by, ugh, denim:

    9. A couch remade with old jeans (is that a jouch?):

    10. And a bunch of jeans turned into a frightening-looking chair:

    11. This wall that has fake window reflections painted on it:

    12. This yard "upgrade" using dishes (how often must those break?):

    Dishes are stuck in the ground separating grass from another section

    13. This desk organizer a gamer would love (or, more likely, cry over):

    A desk organizer made out of a video game controller

    14. This "fix" for a missing side mirror ("Objects in mirror are a helluva lot bigger than they appear!"):

    A tiny mirror has replaced a car's side view mirror

    15. This power strip made into a candle holder (I know it's not plugged in, but it doesn't feel safe!):

    16. These baby doll flower pots guaranteed to give anyone nightmares:

    17. This guitar stool (which can't be comfortable):

    A stool made out a guitar where the neck of the guitar is the backrest

    18. This unique way to extend a fence:

    A fence with a truck in the middle of it

    19. And these Lego bricks DIWHY'd into a pair of shorts:

    Via r/DiWHY