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    18 Super-Clever Restaurants That Deserve A Nobel Pizza Prize

    I’m going to need to find out if these places deliver to my neighborhood.

    1. This place puts tiny bottles of Tabasco on its pizza saver:

    2. And this place came up with the deliciously genius idea of using a garlic knot as a pizza saver:

    3. This place — lol — puts a tuxedo on the inside of its pizza boxes:

    4. This place — in Alaska, of course — puts a shooting target on the backs of its boxes:

    5. This place uses round boxes, which makes a lot of sense:

    6. This joint puts a handle on its boxes:

    7. And — last box one, I promise — this place perforates its boxes so they can be pulled off into smaller boxes for leftovers:

    8. This restaurant gives you finger protectors to keep you from making a mess:

    9. This restaurant's menu literally shows you what each pizza looks like:

    10. While this restaurant puts one of each of a calzone's fillings on the top so you know what's inside:

    11. This Pizza Hut has a dock on a lake so boaters can easily pick up their pizza:

    12. While this Pizza Hut arranged for a local hotel to put a direct line on their phones:

    13. This clever restaurant with the street number 314 named itself Pizza Pi:

    14. This place will give you a free pizza if you lock up your phones and actually converse while you eat:

    15. And this place gives you instructions on how to ideally reheat your pizza:

    16. This restaurant bakes its pizza in an absolutely wild disco ball oven:

    17. This Domino's lets kids watch the dough be shaped:

    18. And this is a freaking pizza vending machine that cooks your pie as you wait: