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    17 People Who Hilariously Pranked Family Members On Christmas

    'Tis the season to prank your loved ones.

    1. The parents who β€” when their kid asked for a six-foot teddy bear β€” gave her this:

    2. The sister who gave her brother this cruel collection of gift cards:

    3. And the sister who gave her brother this enormous present...which just had a gift card inside:

    4. The 10-year-old β€” πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ β€” who left her mom a mystery present under the tree with this message inside:

    5. The dad who told his kids they'd get broccoli for Christmas if they kept acting up...and followed through:

    6. The prankster who pulled this fast one on his brother:

    7. The jokester who, shall we say, re-arranged her sister-in-law's Christmas decorations:

    8. The dad who presented his daughter with a $20 backed by ones in a $2,000 strap:

    9. The dad who had his kids gather around for their big gift...which was a vacuum:

    10. The uncle who put this gingerbread man in his niece's bed:

    11. The prankster who made sure that their hungry family woke up to this on Christmas morning:

    12. And the brother who did this to his sister's coffee maker:

    13. The brother who surrounded his "idiot" sister's gift with a crap load of zip ties:

    14. The smart-ass who bestowed upon her sister a satin pillowcase with Nicolas Cage's face on it:

    15. The grandma who β€” when her grandson joked he wanted a hundred gifts from the dollar store β€” came through:

    16. The dad who gave this blood pressure raising card:

    17. And the wife who β€” when her husband didn't share her enthusiasm for Christmas β€” did this to his truck: