17 Times Cats Did Everything They Could To Make Us Hate Them

    Proceed with extreme paw-tion.

    1. They will walk all over your food:

    2. And, uh, do other worse things to it:

    3. They can be more than a little moody:

    4. And they can't be trusted around fire:

    5. They have claws and aren't afraid to use 'em:

    6. And they and their claws will use your face as a launching pad:

    7. They can't be left unattended for too long:

    8. Regardless of how small they are:

    9. And if you dare to leave them home alone, they will wreak havoc:

    10. Like, serious havoc:

    11. Often you will feel like they did it on purpose:

    12. And that's because they probably did. Don't believe me? Why — of all places — did this cat just happen to puke on its owner's shoes?

    13. And why did this cat puke on their person's computer?

    14. But puke is better than what this cat did to this computer:

    15. See, cats have no respect...certainly not for your home projects:

    16. Or your hobbies:

    17. They'll even dent your freakin' car:

    So why oh why do I still want one so bad?!