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    17 Times Cats Did Everything They Could To Make Us Hate Them

    Proceed with extreme paw-tion.

    1. They will walk all over your food:

    What having a cat is like from Wellthatsucks

    2. And, uh, do other worse things to it:

    Turned my back for a minute and she peed in 20 cups of uncooked rice... from Wellthatsucks

    3. They can be more than a little moody:

    Today I was extremely sad and I thought "I can't wait to go home and see my cat, he will make me happy". Ok well I found out he was more depressed than me from Wellthatsucks

    4. And they can't be trusted around fire:

    This cat being too close with fire. from Wellthatsucks

    5. They have claws and aren't afraid to use 'em:

    My face + cat = not great from Wellthatsucks

    6. And they and their claws will use your face as a launching pad:

    My cat just used my face as a launching pad from Wellthatsucks

    7. They can't be left unattended for too long:

    Accidentally ordered a 25 pound bag of sugar, as opposed to a 5 pound bag. Left it on the table for a bit, and then my cat found it. from Wellthatsucks

    8. Regardless of how small they are:

    God damit cats, how is it even possible look at the size of him lmao rip tv/amp from Wellthatsucks

    9. And if you dare to leave them home alone, they will wreak havoc:

    My cat knocked over 2 gallons of laundry detergent onto the floor while I was at work (my floor is not’s white) from Wellthatsucks

    10. Like, serious havoc:

    Cat + paint can + Roomba from Wellthatsucks

    11. Often you will feel like they did it on purpose:

    Cats knocked over every single one of my makeup brushes this morning... into their freshly shat in litter box :)) from Wellthatsucks

    12. And that's because they probably did. Don't believe me? Why — of all places — did this cat just happen to puke on its owner's shoes?

    Heard the cat puke twice... from Wellthatsucks

    13. And why did this cat puke on their person's computer?

    Cat Barfed on My Keyboard from Wellthatsucks

    14. But puke is better than what this cat did to this computer:

    My cat just bit the corner of my MacBook. FML from Wellthatsucks

    15. See, cats have no respect...certainly not for your home projects:

    Cat walked across the cement. from Wellthatsucks

    16. Or your hobbies:

    My uncle finished a 5000 piece puzzle and was going to take a photo of it but the cat got to it first. from Wellthatsucks

    17. They'll even dent your freakin' car:

    My cat escaped into the garage, sat on my car roof, then knocked over a ladder and dented my car. from Wellthatsucks

    So why oh why do I still want one so bad?!

    This snapchat filter on my cat 👌🏼 from aww

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