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27 "Before And After" Photos That Left My Jaw Hanging Open

Everything changes with time.

1. First, a whole bunch of meme stars then and now:

2. And an Instagrammer who compared photos of herself before and after Photoshop:

3. A nurse in the Philippines before and after a shift in her hospital's COVID-19 area:

4. Rush hour traffic in Los Angeles on March 12, 2020 — a week before home orders were issued in response to the coronavirus pandemic — and a month later:

5. An Ancient Greek stadium before and after it was excavated by archaeologists:

6. And the Roman Forum (a couple thousand years ago or so) and now:

7. A good boy while playing in the snow and afterward:

8. And a cat before and after being rescued off the street:

9. San Francisco's Candlestick Park — the onetime home of the Giants and 49ers, and the site of the Beatles' last concert — before and after being demolished:

10. Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May taking a mirror selfie in the '70s and some 40+ years later:

11. A woman before and after a year of transitioning and the joy it brought her:

12. A beach in Mumbai before and after a massive clean-up campaign:

13. California's Lake Oroville in 2014, when the state was mired in its third straight year of extreme drought, and the same spot three years later after record rainfall:

14. A sailor while serving in the United Kingdom's Royal Navy during World War II and 70 years later at age 92:

15. A person's room during and after a period of depression:

16. A backyard before and after two days of power washing:

17. Self-portraits drawn before and after taking a month-long drawing class:

18. A bald eagle who'd had her beak shot off by a poacher, before and after receiving a prosthetic beak:

19. A woman before and after addiction recovery:

20. Boats in Nevada's Lake Mead in 2007, and the same location seven years later after years of drought:

21. And also at Lake Mead...a dirty boat in an area that had recently been underwater, and the same boat surrounded by undergrowth seven years later in 2014:

22. A wall before and after an art mural on it was painted over:

23. And the view from this person's window before and after this tree was cut down:

24. The Crew Dragon Endeavour before traveling to the space station and after it returned:

25. Australia's Kangaroo Island during bush fires that killed two people and tens of thousands of animals in 2011, and the same location six weeks later:

26. The Swedish town of Söderhamn in 1920 and a hundred years later:

27. And grandparents visiting with their grandsons through a glass window during the pandemic, and hugging them for the first time in over a year after being vaccinated: