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21 "Before And After" Photos That Left My Jaw Hanging Open

If a photo is worth a thousand words, two are worth a million.

1. A man before and after putting in his fake eye:

2. Self portraits drawn before and after taking a month-long drawing class:

3. A pie before and after being put in the oven:

4. A cat before and after being rescued off the street:

5. And a cat before and after drying off from a bath:

6. A man before and after cutting his hair to donate to a nonprofit that makes wigs for children with cancer:

7. A person's room during and after a period of depression:

8. An X-ray of someone's back before and after scoliosis surgery:

9. A photo of the Andromeda Galaxy before and after processing:

10. Abraham Lincoln on May 20, 1860 (10 months before his inauguration) and on Feb. 5, 1865 (a couple months before the end of the Civil War):

11. The skyline of Manila before and after undergoing quarantine:

12. And Rio de Janeiro before and after 140 years elapsed:

13. A backyard before and after being transformed:

14. And another incredible backyard transformation — this time before and after lockdown:

15. A man before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall:

16. And a street when it was navigated by tanks during World War II and today:

17. A wooden chair before and after extensive detailing:

18. A Viking axe as it was found and after restoration:

19. A 300-year-old sword pommel before and after being cleaned:

20. A New York city building before and after being power washed:

21. And braces when they were first put on and right before they came off:

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