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    Americans, Here Are 50 Unforgettable Things From 50 Different Countries

    You can't really travel right now, but you CAN read this post.

    1. In Chile, you could see a police dog wearing shoes.

    2. And in Costa Rica, you could see a grasshopper as big as your hand.

    3. In Morocco, you could see tree-climbing goats.

    4. In Malaysia, you could treat yourself to green toast.

    5. In the Philippines, you could buy Pringles in a bag.

    6. And in Egypt, you could buy Google chips.

    7. In Italy, you could see a UPS "bicycle truck" navigating the narrow streets of Rome.

    8. In Vietnam, your drink could come with a piece of environmentally friendly wild grass instead of a straw.

    9. And in Colombia, you could see bamboo that's 80-plus feet tall.

    10. In Argentina, you could buy a carton of milk with a chart on it explaining when kids need to get their vaccinations.

    11. In Australia, you could play trivia games while driving on those long, open stretches.

    12. In Greece, you could stand below this incredible glass statue.

    13. And in Peru, you could see this equally incredible bear statue made out of used nails.

    14. In Austria, you could ride a bus where the handles are made to look like ski poles.

    15. In Bahrain, you could gaze up at this building with three wind turbines.

    16. In Belarus, you could see scarecrows unlike any you've seen before.

    17. In Belgium, you could buy an Advent calendar full of beer instead of chocolate.

    18. And in Finland, you could buy a 1,000-pack of beer.

    19. In Belize, you could buy water in a bag.

    20. And in Israel, you could drink chocolate milk from a bag.

    21. In Brazil, your hotel remote could have a button that immediately puts soccer on the TV.

    22. In Cambodia, you could see this home built to withstand a flood.

    23. In Bulgaria, you could eat at a restaurant that gives you a buzzer that sends a message straight to your waiter's smart watch.

    24. In Canada, you could enjoy discounts tied to the winter weather.

    25. In New Zealand, you could eat McDonald's on a plane.

    26. And in China, you could eat McDonald's (well, just ice cream) at an old newspaper stand.

    27. In South Korea, you could get your Frappuccino in a place with this amazing architecture.

    28. In India, you could eat at a Subway that has separate lines for vegetarians and meat eaters.

    29. In Mexico, you could shop at a 7-Eleven with a tree inside it.

    30. In Thailand, you could ride on a train that gives priority seating to monks.

    31. In Denmark, you could see a light signal with a little viking on it.

    32. In France, you could buy a brand of sugar called Daddy.

    33. In Germany, you could use a puke sink if you overdo it at Oktoberfest.

    34. In Hungary, you could rest your drunken head on this cushion while relieving yourself in this pub's bathroom.

    35. And in Indonesia, this bathroom could tell you how hydrated you are.

    36. In Iceland, you could see these signs that inadvertently look like an alien abduction.

    37. In Sweden, you could shop at a supermarket that has a map of the market on the shopping cart.

    38. In Ukraine, you could buy ice cream that's sold as foot-long logs.

    39. In Ireland, you could rent a car that will cleverly remind you which side of the road to drive on there.

    40. In Iran, you could see this Christmas sign with an English translation that might make you smile.

    41. In Japan, you could take a shower in a hotel bathroom with a special mirror that won't steam up.

    42. In Kenya, you could see this amazing sight: a bunch of hippos sunning themselves.

    43. In Norway, you could go outside at 4 in the morning and see the sun.

    44. In Poland, you could see an endless vodka aisle.

    45. In Romania, you could get a book from a vending machine.

    46. And in Switzerland, you could enjoy a cheese vending machine.

    47. In Russia, you could drink a cucumber-flavored Sprite.

    48. And in Turkey, you could drink a blue Coke.

    49. In Singapore, you could witness this ingenious, elderly-friendly crosswalk.

    50. And in Spain, you could eat at a cereal bar.