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    19 Unbelievable Photos People Risked Way Too Much To Get

    Photo or it didn't happen.

    We all know that not all selfies are the same. The ones you immediately delete rank low on the scale while the ones you immediately post are the good ones, amirite?


    But then there are the selfies that are in a world of their own. These selfies are, well... Why don't you just take a look:

    1. Like this one where Sam Jackson demonstrated how he REALLY feels taking selfies with people:

    As I snapped the selfie, I told Samuel L. Jackson to pose how he really felt about doing these kinds of things. from funny

    2. This one that captured a dog throwing up and their owner's horrified expression:

    Perfectly timed dog selfie from funny

    3. This  one that was snapped as the phone fell to the ground:

    I dropped my phone mid selfie from funny

    4. And this epic selfie taken on the field of a professional football game riiiiight before security did their thing:

    The $1500 selfie. from funny

    5. There was this selfie taken with a kangaroo:

    My cousin wanted a selfie with a kangaroo. from funny

    6. This one taken with an opossum:

    An opossum got into my buddy's house and he snapped a selfie with it while he was carrying it out. from funny

    7. This one taken with a lion:

    When you don't realize how big your head is until you take a selfie with a friend. from funny

    8. And this one with a freaking shark (!?!?!):

    Selfie photo bomb... Nailed it from funny

    9. This selfie was taken the exact moment a mosquito bit this woman's forehead:

    My friend had a mosquito bite on her forehead the other night. Went through her selfies and found this. from funny

    10. This selfie caught Gaston from Beauty and the Beast being 100% in character:

    I asked Gaston for a selfie, this is what I got from funny

    11. And this selfie featuring a classical sculpture that couldn't be more perfect if it tried:

    Statue selfies from funny

    12. There's this selfie with a very happy Australian police officer:

    How Aussie cops respond to a selfie from funny

    13. And this selfie featuring two sisters...and a man photobombing them as he drives past:

    Who knew the best selfie I’d ever take, would be in a parking lot with my sister from funny

    14. This pair of selfies speaks a little too much truth:

    Taking a selfie vs checking out the selfie you just posted from funny

    15. This selfie is really four selfies in one:

    selfies from funny

    16. And this selfie features Bill Murray in the background:

    Selfie of a Hottie from funny

    17. This selfie snapped with a monkey took a turn:

    My friend tried taking a selfie with a monkey. It didn't end well. from funny

    18. This selfie was captured with a look-a-like sloth:

    Took a selfie with a sloth and we looked too much alike. from funny

    19. And this selfie with a venomous snake...well, it's got to be the wildest one here:

    Venomous selfie.. from funny

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