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    23 Absolutely Terrifying Moments Of Parenthood

    "You forgot to pack diapers?!"

    1. Turning a corner and coming across a doll just standing there staring at you.

    2. Waiting for an airline website to calculate how much it will cost to buy airfare for your entire family.

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    3. When your kid threatens to lose it three minutes into a five-hour flight.

    4. When you eat something off your kid's plate and your partner says, "Wait! You didn't eat that, did you?"


    NBD, your kid just stuck it up their nose and then dropped it on the floor.

    5. When you unexpectedly happen upon a toy store with your kid.

    Paramount Pictures

    6. When it's your kid's turn at bat.

    Flickr: rhythmstrip / Via Creative Commons

    "Please, God. Please let him get a hit. Or a walk. Or to reach on an error. Or..."

    7. Arriving somewhere out of the way and realizing you didn't pack any diapers.


    8. Discovering for the first time that your kid lied to you and totally got away with it.

    20th Century Fox

    9. When you have to do your teenage son's laundry.

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    "Since when is laundry...crunchy?"

    10. Letting your kid play with your phone and then realizing they texted gibberish to your boss.


    11. When you hear "Uh-oh" coming from the other room.

    Disney Channel

    12. When your kid asks you how babies are made.


    "Well, uh, there's these birds and, uh, bees, and uh... shit."

    13. The first time your kid gets behind the wheel and drives off all by themselves.

    Flickr: statefarm / Via Creative Commons

    Hold me.

    14. The awkward pause your kid's teacher makes before saying, "So, about Tammy…”

    Getty Images/iStockphoto Stolk

    15. When your kid starts to use social media.

    16. The moment you realize your kid is about to call you out in public for something embarrassing.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto oneblink-cj

    "My dad watches Full House in his underwear every night. Knows all the words to the theme song and everything!"

    17. When your kid makes you breakfast in bed and each bite is like a game of Russian roulette.


    "Oh god. Eggshells. And is that a crayon in this?”

    18. Dropping your kid off at their first sleepover.

    Getty Images Brand X Pictures

    Neither you nor your kid get a wink of sleep.

    19. Chaperoning your kid to a teeny bopper concert.

    You are NOT a Belieber.

    20. When your kid is about to open a letter from the admissions department of their dream school.

    Comedy Central

    21. When you have to take your kid to the bathroom somewhere totally nasty.

    Flickr: toddmccann / Via Creative Commons

    “Don't touch anything! TOUCH NOTHING!!!!”

    22. When you finally get your baby down and then a car alarm goes off.

    The WB

    23. When you suddenly realize it’s quiet…too quiet.

    The CW

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