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75 Insanely Clever DIYs Every Parent Will Wish They Knew About Sooner

It's 99% guaranteed you will find something in here your family will love.

Andrew Richard

1. DIY a climbing wall...indoors!

2. Craft these "touch and feel" frames for babies.

This safe sensory play will keep your baby busy for hours, er, minutes (which are like hours in baby time). Find the how-to at Little Lifelong Learners.

3. Build a sandbox/picnic table combo.

4. Make your kid the cutest backpack at their school.

Find this pineapple backpack tutorial at Stitched by Crystal.

5. Whip up a batch of edible Starburst slime.

You: "That's nasty." Your kid: "THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!" Learn more over at Teach Beside Me.

6. DIY an emoji pillow or three.

It's easy, and your kids will love it (especially when The Emoji Movie comes out). Find the how-to at Baby First Blog.

7. Empower your kid to create a frameworthy masterpiece every single day.

Get some more deets here.

8. Thrill your kids with this easy-to-make outdoor car track.

9. Put together the coolest cardboard box house ever.

10. Transform regular shoes into eye-popping galaxy ones.

Watch the "out of this world" how-to video.

11. Whip up some homemade play

12. Turn an old skateboard into a supercool shelf.

13. Upcycle an old entertainment center into a kid’s dream play kitchen.

14. You can also turn an old table into a kid's Lego table.

15. Make this ultimate Fourth of July craft.

Learn how to make a salt painting at Busy Mommy Media.

16. DIY an easy poolside poncho.

17. You can also make a poolside towel rack to dry towels and keep you from having to wash them over and over AND over.

Learn how to make one here.

18. Make *Kanye voice* one of the greatest slip 'n' slides of all time!

19. Wow your kids with this magnetic slime.

20. Forget the great outdoors with this indoor camping playhouse.

21. Turn unpaired socks into a faux cacti garden.

How cute is this? Find the how-to at DIY Candy.

22. Get rid of clutter by DIYing this stuffed animal chair.

Genius! Learn more at Thread Riding Hood.

23. DIY some no-sew Minecraft pillows.

24. Have an afternoon of fun with this DIY you can make in seconds for basically nothing.

25. Impress your kids by making Lego soap.

26. You can also make "goldfish in a bag" soap...which is adorable.

27. Here's one more fun soap DIY — shark attack!

Now your kid’s bathroom can be scary for another reason. Find the DIY at Soap Queen.

28. Repurpose an old tire into an en-tire-ly original kid’s seat.

29. Put this skateboard swing in your backyard.

Why didn’t our parents think of this stuff? Find the DIY on Wiki How.

30. Use Kool-Aid to make the most colorful play slime ever.

31. You can also whip up some glow-in-the-dark play dough.

It’s all natural, too. Find the how-to on Fun at Home With Kids.

32. An old lamp + action figures = the coolest kid’s lamp ever.

33. DIY the ultimate Lego play desk.

Learn how to make it on Our Wee Family.

34. Keep your small-fry busy way longer than usual with this toddler busy board.

35. Make your kids this adorable "Wee Mouse Tin House."

Download the pattern for $8.

36. Make a see-through outdoor painting easel.

Here’s a fun idea — have your kid’s friend or sibling stand on the other side of the glass so your kid can easily paint their portrait. Find the DIY at Fix This Build That.

37. DIY a supercool jellyfish sensory bottle.

Facebook: video.php

38. Have a blast outside with this sidewalk foam paint.

Find the how-to at The Tiptoe Fairy.

39. Use PVC pipe to make the ultimate at-home ball pit.

40. Make this froggy sensory bag that's perfect for a baby.

41. Use cookie sheets to make easy-to-use chore charts.

42. DIY a lap buddy for your fidgety kiddos.

These are especially great for long flights. Find the DIY at Pepper Scraps.

43. Simplify mornings by making a DIY breakfast station.

44. Transform a dino toy into these unforgettable bookends.

Find the DIY on Instructables.

45. Make storing Hot Wheels cars a whole lot easier.

46. Help your kids stay on routine by making this after school clock.

47. Have an outdoor movie night...DIY style

48. Get in the swing of summer by DIYing this platform swing.

49. Keep track of your kids' growth spurts with this giant ruler/growth chart.

Find the DIY at Wholefully.

50. DIY your very own kinetic sand.

51. This spill-proof watering can will encourage your kids to help in the garden.

52. DIY a play stand for a super sweet, er, sweet shop.

This DIY could also help your own little Lucy make a "Psychiatric Help — 5 Cents" booth, lol. Learn more at The Life Jolie.

53. Upgrade your backyard by DIYing an outdoor chalkboard.

54. Brighten up a room by making these cute mushroom stools.

All you need are some logs (with the ends evened), glue and a circular pillow!

55. Use dollar store baskets to DIY this quick and easy storage shelving.

Learn more at Hometalk.

56. DIY this ball corral to keep your little athlete's gear in place.

57. Transform an old shampoo bottle into an adorable pencil/pen-holding monster.

This will almost make your kids excited about homework.

58. DIY an "I Spy" sensory bottle (especially for long car rides).

Facebook: video.php

59. Transform pool noodles into fun (and safe) lightsabers.

Perfect for a party. Learn more at Muddy Boots.

60. Keep your carpets clean this summer with this DIY foot-washing station.

61. Make your own version of these impossibly adorable family handprints.

62. Impress your kids with these bracelets made out of popsicle sticks...really!

63. Create your own backyard American Ninja Warrior training course.

OK, this one might take more than a little effort to put together, but it would be worth it. Learn more at Remodelaholic.

64. Thrill your little Trolls fan by making this easy headband DIY.

Find the how-to at the appropriately named The How-To Mom.

65. Transform used soda bottles into adorable jet packs.

Find out how your kids can blast off at The Spohrs Are Multiplying.

66. DIY a reading nook that is the definition of cozy.

67. Help your kids learn about any subject by DIYing this Jeopardy-style game board.

68. Make your kids a cheap and easy pillow bed.

69. DIY your kids this no-sew slice of cake pillow.

Making this is (almost) a piece of cake, too. Learn how at Aww Sam.

70. DIY a family shoe rack so your kids will no longer ask, "Where are my shoes?"

OK, they will still lose their shoes — they're kids — but hopefully less! Learn how to make one at Rose Tinted Home.

71. DIY this Super Mario Bros. mural for babies of all ages.

And I mean all ages — I want one of these! Learn how to make it at Hungry Heart.

72. Want to do something original in the backyard? Make this airplane swing.

Find the DIY at Ana White.

73. DIY a fruit and veggie bin with dividers.

Because kids need their fruits and veggies! Learn how to make yours at Anika's DIY Life.

74. Set up a robot-building play station.

All you need are some wood blocks (or boxes) and some "robot parts" to put on them.

75. And finally — make a bookshelf on wheels!

A love of reading follows you everywhere, and this bookshelf will too.