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50 Incredible Charts That Repeatedly Made Me Go, "Now That Is Fascinating!"

Reading this is like going to college in five minutes.

1. If you're being honest, you're probably a little foggy on the difference between a second cousin and a first cousin once removed. This napkin explains it all!

The Cousin Explainer

2. This important chart tells you how you can know when someone has spiked (or otherwise tampered with) your drink.

A "SPIKED" chart

3. And this fascinating chart shows you the typical colors of clothes during the Middle Ages...and the natural dyes people used to create them!

Fabrics from the Middle Ages

4. Nuclear mushroom clouds can be so much more staggeringly large than you likely realized.

A mushroom cloud

5. This ingenious image does a great job of explaining how genetics work...and making you crave gummy bears.

Gummy bears showing genetics

6. And this chart shows you just how unfathomably large a trillion dollars is.

$1 trillion in cash

Speaking of a trillion...this fact is wild. Hyperinflation hit Zimbabwe so heavily in 2009 (inflation literally reached 230,000,000% that year!!!) that the country introduced a 100 TRILLION dollar bill...which was worth about 40 US cents.

A "One Hundred Trillion Dollars" bill

7. "Fishes" CAN be the plural form of "fish." Little kids everywhere are vindicated!


8. This chart shows a trick for remembering how many days are in each month (the "knuckles" months are the ones with 31 days).

Month knuckles

9. And being colorblind doesn't mean you see the world in black and white — it's that you have a narrower perception of color.

A colorblind chart

10. Speaking of eye sight, babies don't just pop out with fully developed vision. ... It's a gradual process.

"How an Infant Views the World"

11. This chart explains how we've all been watering our plants the wrong way.

"Infrequent, heavy watering"

12. This incredible image shows just how much a cervix can dilate during childbirth.

A board for measuring a cervix

13. And this chart shows people draw tally marks differently depending on where they are in the world. Huh.

"Tally Marks from Around the World"

14. This US map chart explains that the American Southwest's climate is like the Middle East's, and Washington's is like England's!

A map charting weather patterns

15. And Los Angeles County has a greater population than 40 actual states!

Los Angeles' population

16. There's a type of jellyfish that's — wait for it — immortal. Known as the Immortal Jellyfish, the species (as the chart says) "can revert from sexual maturity to a sexually immature, colonial stage and repeat the process indefinitely."

"How long animals live"

17. You can do the Heimlich Maneuver on a choking dog and save their life.

"Heimlich Maneuver for Dogs"

18. And, speaking of dogs, the asphalt your pup walks on is probably way hotter than you realized.

A sign showing how hot the asphalt is

19. This chart shows how you can figure out what bug did you dirty just by looking at your bite.

Bike bite chart

20. This chart explains fruit hasn't always been the same — modern watermelon, bananas, and carrots, for example, have been radically improved through domestication!

Fruit chart

21. And, while things are pretty secretive in North Korea, it appears this wild fact is (or at least was) true — their professional basketball league has their own rules, including dunks being worth three points!

Rules in North Korean basketball

22. You've probably heard streaming makes it really hard for a musician to make a living, but this chart shows just how dire a situation it is!

A chart showing how much musicians make on streaming services

23. What you wear running or riding a bike at night makes a shockingly HUGE difference in how visible you are.

Colors to wear when biking at night

24. And this graphic explains how gerrymandering works in simple we can all understand how infuriating it is!

"How to Steal an Election"

25. Hackers can crack a so-so password instantly, but a really strong one can take millions (yes, millions) of years to crack.

A chart for password crack-ability

26. This is the differences between endemic, epidemic, and pandemic...explained in the simplest way possible.

"Endemic, Epidemic, Pandemic"

27. And this card (found in a deck of cards) explains all the hands you can have in poker.

"Poker Guide"

28. If you love movies, this chart is FASCINATING.

Film Genre Popularity

29. And I knew Africa was big but not THIS BIG!

A map of Africa

30. This cool chart shows you 16 — yes, 16! — different sizes of mattresses.

Mattress chart

And if you're wondering what the heck an Alaskan King looks like in person...well, here's one.

An Alaskan King bed

31. This chart dishes on how you can make box cake taste like it was baked by the fanciest bakery in town.

"Do you want your cake to taste like it came from a bakery?"

32. This chart shows apples on a scale from most tart to most sweet.

An apple chart

33. And this chart will teach you how to recognize on sight a bunch of different berries.

34. Ever wonder what the exact differences are between the ways you can cook a steak? This chart's for you.

A steak chart

35. And if you've ever wondered, " I put the veggies in the water before or after I boil it?" Well, this chart's for you, too.

"When to Boil Water"

36. This chart tells you which tea to drink in every situation.

A tea chart

37. This chart takes the mystery out of coffee.

A coffee chart

38. And this chart makes buying sliced meat a cinch.

A meat chart

39. This chart explains how to slice limes to get the most juice out if it (spoiler...most of us are doing it wrong).

A lime slicing chart

40. This chart explains when you should eat a banana (and has me rethinking my whole life...or at least when I eat bananas).

"When to eat a banana?"

41. And this trick for measuring out rice and water is a game-changer.

A water-to-rice ratio chart

42. Get this — the numbers used for our Interstate Highway System aren't random...they all mean something specific.

highway numbers on a map

43. Also fascinating? This map that has the deets behind the territories the United States purchased.

Chart with US territories and how much they were purchased for

44. This map shows life expectancy in the different counties throughout the USA — looks like the Upper Midwest is a good place to go if you want to live a while!

A US life expectancy chart

45. And this infographic shows you how to survive (checks notes) being buried alive.

A chart for how to survive being buried alive

46. This super-cool chart spells out just how vastly different the planets are in our solar system...using fruit.

A solar system chart with fruit

47. This sobering chart shows just how despicable these absolute monsters were.

A chart with bad people

So, how did Mao Zedong — the chairman of the Chinese Communist Party from 1943–1976 — kill so many people? A big part of it was due to his Great Leap Forward program, which aimed to turn China from an agrarian nation into an industrialized Way too fast. As a result, as many as 45 million starved, fueled by Mao's refusal to acknowledge what was happening or to accept international aid.

Mao Zedong

48. This chart shows a ranking of countries based on how accepting they are of infidelity.

An infidelity chart

49. This chart explains what the world's largest caves are (Kentucky's Mammoth Cave is indeed MAMMOTH).

50. And lastly, this deep thought should inspire you to stop and reflect on your place in it all, and maybe feel a little gratitude.

"Ancestral Mathematics"

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