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    Today's Dads Aren't Who You Think They Are, And Thank Goodness For That

    They're definitely not who the internet tells you they are.

    Today's dads aren't who you've been told they are.

    And despite what you see during the commercial breaks, today's dads are perfectly capable of handling things on their own.

    Today's dads are also capable of shopping for their babies. In fact, they do it all the time no matter how many times people share this meme.

    Now you may be thinking, "it's just a little bit of fun," but it's not fun for involved dads to see.

    This kind of thinking — also found on this popular baby shower gift — tells men even before their babies are born that they aren't cut out for parenting.

    So this Father's Day let's celebrate all of the things today's dads ARE doing for their families, which is a lot more than most people may realize!

    Today's dads do their kid's hair.

    And they let their kids do their hair.

    They cook for their families.

    And pack their kids' lunches too.

    They change their kids' diapers (even when the world doesn't always make it easy to do so).

    And they take their kids grocery shopping (without doing anything meme-worthy).

    They clean around the house.

    And do their families' laundry.

    They call it "parenting" when they're alone with their kids, not "babysitting" — no matter how many times people say, "Babysitting today?"

    They shower their kids with affection (and don't care if it goes against outdated macho ideals).

    They get up with their kids in the middle of the night.

    They read to their kids.

    And do a whole lot more. So let's hear it for today's dads!