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36 Trunk-Or-Treat Themes That Really Nailed It


Trunk-or-treat? Don't you mean Trick-or-treat?


Trunk-or-treat events bring Halloween to parking lots where kids go from car to car and get candy. They're popular at schools, churches, in rural areas where homes are far apart, and in places where trick-or-treating isn't safe.

1. Wall-E.

2. Andy's room from Toy Story.

3. Creepy ventriloquist dummy and friends.

4. Hungry car.

5. Disney's water loving characters.

6. Candyland.

7. Adventure Time.

8. Hoedown.

9. Angry Birds.

10. Spooky graveyard.

11. Jonah swallowed by a whale.

12. Christmas in October.

13. Football.

14. Cookie Monster.

15. The Smurfs.

16. On the farm.

17. The Wizard Of Oz.

18. Star Wars.

19. Polynesian paradise.

20. The sixties, man.

21. Tron.

22. Haunted House.

23. Disney princesses.

24. It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Learn more about how this was made here.

25. The Chronicles Of Narnia.

26. The Bahston Red Sawks.

27. Cars.

28. Dr. Seuss.

29. The zoo.

30. Mad scientist's lab.

31. Ghosts at da club.

Flickr: kostynracing / Via Creative Commons

32. Hell on wheels.

Flickr: kostynracing / Via Creative Commons

33. Ghostbusters.

Find out how they DIY'd it here.

34. The Big Bang Theory.

35. Frogger.

36. Cinderella.

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