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36 Kids Who Take Better Selfies Than You

This is what happens when kids get their parents' phones.

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1. When it comes to selfies, you're either born with it or you're not.

2. Take this kid with perfect arm placement.

3. Or this girl who is absolutely crushing the duck face.

5. New glasses selfie? On point.

7. These kids got smolder.

And they ain't saving it for when they're older.

8. Think your selfies are funny?

12. You're gonna delete all of the selfies you took this summer, aren't you?

13. This kid already throws deuces better than you.

14. Look at this post-Slurpee perfection.

15. Now this is a super selfie.

16. Think you look tough in your selfies?

18. Well, you don't. Not like these kids anyway.

19. Now this is how you take a "playing video games" selfie.

20. Whoa. Looks like someone took this selfie on the "cute" setting.

21. This kid doesn't care how much it hurts when he pulls the stickers off because (hello!) epic selfie.

22. This is perhaps the finest example ever of the "Do you smell that?" selfie.

23. Wait. Scratch that. This is the greatest.

24. Kids can pull off a perfect mirror selfie, too.

25. They've mastered the group selfie...

27. And even the artsy selfie.

28. But if there's one thing kids do really well, it's pulling faces.

33. So keep doing what you're doing, kids.

35. The unrivaled masters...

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