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    33 OMG-Inducing Photos That Prove '90s Were Both The Best And Way, WAY Weird

    Pizza Hut in the '90s was the greatest fast food dining experience ever.

    Hello, everybody! How's your back?

    I asked about your back because — if you lived through the '90s — your back has definitely seen better days. Do stretches! It's important. We're old now (even if we don't fully realize it).

    Someone said “30 years ago” and my mind went “ah yes, the 1970s” but they meant 1991 and now I need a lie in.

    Twitter: @thismuchyellow

    But you know what? That's OK...because our living through the '90s makes us blood brothers and sisters! Am I being a little dramatic? Yeah, probably. But we HAVE been through something only WE understand, and if any yewts* are in this post, they won't understand a lick of it!

    So, let's get to it — here are 31 things you'll definitely remember (unless your memory is going, which would be understandable considering our advanced age, lol):

    1. Going to Taco Bell and ordering a full-ass meal (burrito! taco! nachos! drink!) and paying a measly three and a half bucks.

    Damn you, 2022 inflation!

    2. Speaking of Taco Bell, this was how it looked on the inside, remember? (Oh, and please note the teal.)

    3. Teal wasn't just at Taco was everywhere. Why the heck was that? Honestly, I still don't understand.

    4. The Scholastic Book Fair was without a doubt one of the top three or four school days of the year.

    5. If you didn't buy Goosebumps books with your $20, you very well might have got one of these classics. (Full disclosure: I did.)

    These books had no business being so good

    Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Incorporated

    6. Remember when movie theater carpets looked like this? It's so funny to think we walked across this trippiness to go watch something like The Parent Trap.

    7. Computer screensavers had to be super extra, too, back then! Wild times!

    Accurate! from 90s

    8. You know what? I'm only realizing now that all of the adults in the '90s had to be on drugs. It's the only explanation.

    9. My version of this memory was more like 1988 and The Legend of Zelda, but yeah...good times.

    it's 1998. you have a nintendo 64 with goldeneye. you just ordered pizza with extra cheese. your friends are coming over and you have four rumble paks. you don't know it right now but this is as good as life will ever get

    Twitter: @limitlessjest

    10. Staying home from school sick meant hanging out with these people...and (in 3/4 of these) hearing inappropriate stuff you probably shouldn't!

    "JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!" and "You are NOT the father!"

    11. Of course, sometimes you'd flip over to MTV where you'd be treated to video after video that looked like this.

    Missy Elliott definitely did the ol' "cheese grater" video for "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)."

    Missy Elliott

    There were just a lot of these videos!

    Screen shot from a Korn video

    12. When you weren't out sick, you were in school praying they'd pull out the one on the left (and not the one on the right).

    13. In the '90s, Pizza Hut really was a whole different experience.

    Pizza Hut in the 90’s was truly the greatest fast food dining experience ever.

    Twitter: @godson83

    14. And so was Wendy's — remember when it looked like THIS (and gave Pizza Hut a run for its money)?

    15. McDonald's sold these now discontinued cookies...a box of which will be waiting for all of us when we arrive in heaven. Amen.

    16. Yep, yep, yep. Heard this one from more than one math teacher.

    Goals from 90s

    If only we had a time machine to go back and reply, "No, in my pocket I'll have a calculator, camera, recorder, tens of thousands of movies, a million songs, a virtual mailbox...should I go on? Because I can!"

    17. I swear Windows Media Player was a literal gateway drug.

    18. Folks, if you don't know what sitcom this costume is referencing, why are you even reading this?

    19. Editor's note: It's OK if these tweets get you right in the feels.

    @blockbuster You & I used to have some wild Friday nights back in the day. 🍕📼

    Twitter: @dominos

    20. This sticker is probably as familiar to you as the "Click it or ticket" campaign.

    21. And at the end, you had to rewind BOTH of them!

    Lol from 90s

    22. Yep, technology wasn't the same. But we did have filters! Uh, sort of, LOL.

    23. Oh my God, these damn erasers. They were worthless! But cute. Oh, so cute!

    24. I think I had a Windows guide like this but featuring The Cranberries? What a time to be alive!

    25. I'd be remiss if I didn't remind you all of the ridiculous things we used to say.

    26. This insult was also a '90s classic. We were mature individuals. Sophisticates.

    Remember how @VancityReynolds made that comment about "Up your butt and around the corner"? How about "I don't shut up, I grow up and when I look at you, I throw up."

    Twitter: @V_M_Lopez

    (People online have attributed the "up your butt and around the corner" tweet to Ryan Reynolds, but I don't think it's actually from him.)

    27. Chuck E. from the '90s may be kind of freaky to look at today, but gosh darn it, he was our Chuck E., and we won't hear a bad word against him!

    28. We made lots and lots of mixtapes, remember? This person's dad had a very '90s one here: Nirvana, the Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day. Good job, sir!

    29. I'm pretty sure these swords were government issued in the '90s.

    30. Damn...a look inside Borders. RIP, sweet friend.

    31. And — sigh — here's a look at another departed friend,  KB Toys.

    32. Oh my...and here's a look inside possibly our dearest departed friend Toys "R" Us. (Cue Whitney Houston voice: "And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII...")


    Credit: Daniel Hulshizer / AP

    34. Lastly, here's a movie theater one summer's day in 1992. Man, the choices! Whoopi! Harrison Ford! Eddie Murphy! Steve Martin! Bruce Willis! But if you ask me, I think I'd buy a ticket for Unlawful Entry — Kurt Russell, Ray Liotta, Madeline Stowe. A pretty quality thriller if I remember correctly!