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33 All-Time Best Parenting Hacks Every Parent Should Know

These are the hacks that belong in the Parenting Hall of Fame.

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2. Use the envelope folds on a onesie for their intended purpose — to allow you to pull a onesie DOWN off your poopy baby instead of over their head and making a huge mess.


This is way better than getting poop in your baby’s hair, don’t you think? See a video demonstrating this hack here.


3. Stick a cupcake liner on a popsicle stick to keep it from dripping everywhere.

bargainmaxuk / Via

This classic hack would definitely be a first-ballot inductee into the Parenting Hack Hall of Fame (if there were such a thing).


11. If your kid is afraid of monsters at night, make some "monster spray" to spray in their room before bed.

Spohr/BuzzFeed / Via Flickr: plasticcandy

The spray is really just inexpensive lavender body spray, but it will put your kid's mind at ease — and make the room smell good!


19. Use two plates and a serrated knife to cut a dozen grapes in half in mere seconds.

View this video on YouTube

This Hall of Fame–worthy parenting hack made a big splash on social media a couple years ago.


24. Put your toddler in a laundry basket during bath time so their toys don't float out of reach.

Instagram: @themrsdeming

Whoever first tried this was a crazed parenting genius who deserves their rightful place in the Parents Hall of Fame.

25. An Altoid container is the perfect way to store crayons in your purse.

Naturally Blessed Mama / Via

Your days of getting stuck at a restaurant without crayons — or having to dig around the bottom of your purse for a few sad, broken ones — are over. Via Naturally Blessed Mama.