31 Badly Behaved People Who Are So, So, So Lucky To Still Be In Relationships

    When you're hot, you can get away with just about anything.

    Good news! This post is all about people who almost certainly look a lot like this stud...

    Bare-chested muscular man with his chain resting on his folded hand

    ...this absolute stunner...

    Woman with long hair and a deep-V sleeveless outfit touching her lower lip and staring into the camera

    ...and this genetically blessed pair!

    A bare-chested muscular man and a woman in a bodycon sleeveless outfit embracing in a kitchen

    The bad news is, they likely look like the hotties above because if they didn't...there's absolutely NO WAY they'd still have significant others!

    1. For example, this girlfriend picks her nose while she drives (even with her boyfriend in the car!!!!!) and — ugh, gag — wipes her boogers on the steering wheel.

    Close-up of a steering wheel with stains on it

    2. And this girlfriend — yes, someone who has successfully convinced another human being to date them — drives a car around with an interior that looks like this.

    The very interior of a car's front seat

    3. This boyfriend — dear lord — throws his Q-tips away in the freaking toilet.

    Text exchange asking about Q-tips in the toilet

    4. And this husband — stifles vomit — took a big ole bite out of the family stick of butter and then put it back in the fridge.

    A hand holding a stick of butter with a big bite mark on it

    5. This wife leaves her used flosser on the door handle like this...so she can reuse it the next day!!!

    A flosser attached to the bathroom door handle

    6. And this fiancé put the peanut butter back in the cabinet...like this.

    An open jar of peanut butter with a utensil sticking out of it on a cupboard shelf

    7. This wife leaves the sugar bowl like this — every day — after making her coffee.

    A bowl of sugar with brown particles throughout

    8. And this husband is incapable of returning his wife's car without it being almost totally on empty.

    A car's fuel gauge at E

    9. This wife couldn't be more wasteful if she tried...like, these "pieces for the trash" could feed a family!

    Cut-up pieces of strawberry stems that consist of most of the berry

    10. This boyfriend refuses to replace this worn-worn-WORN-out toothbrush...which makes me wonder how freaking good-looking he must be if his partner still kisses him!

    A tiny toothbrush with completely flattened bristles

    11. This girlfriend keeps buying Goldfish crackers without finishing a single bag.

    A row of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers on a kitchen countertop

    12. And this husband keeps buying and opening new jars of jam without finishing the others first.

    Around 10 half-finished jars of jam on a refrigerator shelf

    13. This wife — in one week; one! — abandoned this many glasses and mugs in the bathroom.

    More than a dozen glasses and mugs with liquid still in them resting on a countertop

    14. And this boyfriend has a gaming setup that's one big, cluttered pile of attraction repellent (unless, of course, he looks more like an Adonis than a dumbass).

    A computer screen and game console on a table alongside multiple beverage cans and bottles, snacks, and a plate

    15. This girlfriend tried to make iced coffee by doing...this.

    Close-up of a coffee-maker water reservoir filled with ice cubes

    16. This wife has over 50,000 unread emails.

    Close-up of a computer Mail icon showing 50,745 unread emails

    17. This wife gets annoyed if people don't put their shoes away...but leaves all of her shoes by the front door.

    A pile of shoes on a mat

    18. And this boyfriend put his drink down on his girlfriend's brand-new notebook.

    A drink ring on a notebook cover

    19. This husband — knowing his wife bought a bag of her favorite candy and was waiting to eat it over the weekend — went ahead and nearly ate the whole damn thing.

    A large bag of Maltesers malted milk balls with only a handful at the bottom

    20. This wife never, ever screws the lids back onto anything.

    Cartons and jugs of milk in the fridge with the tops on very loosely

    21. And this husband takes bites out of the cheese and puts it back in the fridge like this.

    A chunk of cheese with large bites along the length of it

    22. After this wife's husband straightened up the kids' room, she said it was so messy, she "can't breathe."

    A child's desk with many items on it, but they're neatly arranged in cubbyholes

    23. This clearly very troubled (and very hot) husband eats chips from a bag with a spoon.

    A spoon in a bag of small chips

    24. And this wife ate every single marshmallow out of a family-size box of Count Chocula.

    A bag of cereal with no marshmallows in it

    25. This husband — WTF? — eats apples with a spoon.

    An apple with the inside scooped out with a spoon

    26. This wife only leaves her husband this tiny sliver of bed to sleep on.

    A woman lying across a bed with only a small portion of space left

    27. This husband isn't bringing much to his texting game...so I'm assuming he's bringing something else!

    Husband responds to every question with "Yuh" in text exchange

    28. This girlfriend rests her laptop on the edge of the sink like this...yikes!

    An open laptop perched precariously on the edge of a small bathroom sink

    29. And this boyfriend never washes his glass between uses...so this is what his glass of water looks like after he had milk and cookies earlier.

    A cloudy glass of water with a piece of cookie floating in it

    30. This girlfriend leaves her silverware drawer looking like this.

    Utensils in complete disarray in a drawer

    31. And lastly, this wife told her husband there were some leftover slices of pizza she'd kept for him...leftover slices she'd EATEN ALL THE TOPPINGS OFF OF!

    Slices of pizza with no cheese on top

    H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating.