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29 Signs You're No Longer A Rookie Parent

Been there, done that.

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1. Your baby bag no longer looks like the Goodyear blimp.

And now you actually remember to pack diapers!

2. When you choose to stay up late it's with the full knowledge that you'll be a zombie the next day.


But hey, sometimes your mental health requires a little binge watching of TV shows without talking animals.

11. You don’t tell your kid about plans until right before they happen.

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This way you avoid nuclear meltdowns caused by statements like, "I know I said we were going to Frozen On Ice, but I'm afraid it's sold out."

14. You wipe snot off your kid's nose without a second thought, and have probably even used the Nose Frida.

15. Changing a diaper — even a nasty one — is NBD.

Now you can get up in the middle of a meal, change the rankest of diapers, then sit back down and keep eating without missing a beat.

17. You don't get poached on doll clothes either.

You know the "American Girl" knock-off clothes at Target are super cute and your kid can't tell the difference. (Yet another reason to love Target.)

20. You're an expert on children's books, too, and know which ones to suggest when you don't have much time.

Harper Collins

When your show starts in five minutes: "We're reading Goodnight Moon!"

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