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29 Dollar-Store Finds That Will Keep Your Kids Busy All Summer

Beat boredom on a budget.

1. Tie a dollar-store basket to the front of your kid's bike.

2. Dollar-store baskets are also great for organizing outdoor summer fun.

3. Make one of these awesome hideouts using a hula hoop and a bedsheet.

4. Turn pool noodles into a backyard obstacle course.

5. You can also DIY a pool noodle into a sprinkler.

6. Make an unforgettable ice cream bar by putting sprinkles and crushed cookies in shaker jars.

7. DIY this backyard tic-tac-toe game with a shower curtain, tape, and Frisbees.

8. Make sure your kids pull their weight by turning these dollar-store staples into chore baskets.

9. Freeze dollar-store toys and trinkets in water to make “ice eggs.”

10. Transform a stackable bin into a doll swing.

11. Dollar-store sponges and chalk are all you need to turn your driveway into a bull’s-eye target game.

12. Dollar-store sponges can also be used to keep your kids cool as they play.

Find the tutorial for these "cool-off necklaces" here.

13. Attach a dollar-store colander to a bike helmet and challenge your kids to see how many water balloons they can catch.

14. Make a super-bubble station using a hula hoop and dish soap from the dollar store.

15. Hula hoops can also be used to make this kid-friendly croquet game.

16. Make a play garden in the backyard using items entirely found at the dollar store.

17. A serving tray and bowl make a charming birdbath.

18. Set up carnival games in your backyard using nothing but dollar-store finds.

19. Dollar-store stuff can also be used to make your own backyard (or beach) Olympics.

20. DIY a table lantern using glowsticks, dish detergent, and a jar.

21. Whip up the ultimate summer treat using Nutella, Cool Whip, and a dollar-store ice-pop mold.

22. Dip suction-cup arrows in paint to take backyard archery to the next level.

Learn more here.

23. Pre-pack "busy bags" with dollar-store items to give your kids when they say they're bored.

24. Put together an art box by filling a tub with art supplies found at the dollar store.

25. DIY a color-mixing station using a dollar-store vegetable tray.

The same tray can also be used to mold flowers out of dirt or sand.

26. Make road trips more tolerable by filling a hanging shoe organizer with things to entertain your kids.

27. One more for road trips — paint a baking sheet with chalkboard paint to make a chalk and magnetic activity board.

28. Spray-paint a roasting pan to make the ultimate low-budget Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume.

29. Use a clear shower curtain liner to make a dry-erase sheet your kid can draw all over.

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