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28 Household Items You Can Repurpose For Your Kids

Turn your old stuff into your kids' greatest treasures.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. A suitcase turns into a quaint dollhouse.

Learn how here.

2. A spice rack makes a great shelf for kids' books.

Order these racks from Ikea for $3.99.

3. A dress shirt DIYs into an adorable baby dress.

4. A coffee cup makes a terrific no-spill paint holder.

5. A sweater transforms into kid-sized hats and mittens.

Perfect for sweaters that are stretched out or out of style. Learn how here.

6. A sweater can also become a cute sweater dress.

Find the tutorial here.

7. A phone book changes into a cool pen and pencil holder.

It's not like you're going to actually use the phone book. Find the how-to here.

8. An old shutter makes a stylish wall display.

9. A soap dispenser transforms into a water balloon pump.

Find the how-to here.

10. A bedside table modifies into a Lego desk.

11. An Altoids tin DIYs into a tic-tac-toe travel game.

12. An entertainment center DIYs into an epic play kitchen.

You can pull off this DIY by spending less than $60.

13. A nightstand can also be made into a play kitchen.

14. A bookshelf remodels into a kid-friendly padded bench.

Kids not only can sit atop it to read, but put away their toys all by themselves. Find the how-to here.

15. A collared shirt adapts into a stylish baby bib.

16. Old drawers repurpose into funky shelving.

Pre-teens will love the style this DIY adds to their room.

17. Old drawers also make handy under the bed toy storage.

18. An adult T-shirt alters into a baby onesie.

Find the pattern and tutorial here.

19. An adult T-shirt can be made into a dress with a braided collar, too.

20. An XL T-shirt refashions into kid-sized pants.

Find the tutorial and pattern here.

21. A papasan chair reworks into a reading nook canopy.

Learn how to let your kid read in style here.

22. An entertainment center modifies into a dress up closet.

Find the how-to here.

23. A shoe holder makes a perfect car organizer.

24. A vintage pillow case refashions into a beautiful dress.

How pretty are these? Find the DIY here.

25. A garden basket doubles as toy storage.

26. Jeans turn into play roads.

Perfect for keeping Matchbox loving kids entertained while on the road. Find the DIY here.

27. Jeans can also be reworked into a Christmas stocking.

You won't find this one down at the Hallmark store. Find the tutorial here.

28. But the coolest denim transformation of all has to be this swing.

You know you want one. Find the how-to here.

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