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27 Things Only People Who Grew Up Nerdy Understand

"Will there be any extra credit?"

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1. You had a crush on someone who had absolutely no idea who you were.

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2. It's a pretty fair bet you had a T-shirt with a math pun on it.

In fact, you enjoyed puns in all forms.

In fact, you enjoyed puns in all forms.

3. P.E. was your idea of hell.


4. This is how you reacted when your P.E. teacher announced you had a dancing unit.


5. Nothing made you happier than getting your hands on one of these.


6. You read so much, in fact, that your teacher gave you extra books to read at a higher reading level because you breezed through all of the ones at yours.

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7. Photos of you were unmistakable because of the sheer glint of braces and glasses.


8. You spent at least one summer at an educational camp.

It was probably a math, science, or language camp, but if you were #blessed you went to astronaut camp.
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It was probably a math, science, or language camp, but if you were #blessed you went to astronaut camp.

9. Your parents made you watch PBS... and you LOVED IT!

Square One Television (especially "Mathnet") made you deliriously happy.

Square One Television (especially "Mathnet") made you deliriously happy.

10. You had a crush on Bill Nye (or at least thought he was THE MAN).


11. You were a proud Mathlete.


12. You had Pi memorized out to forty places.

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13. If you were lucky you had at least one friend who was 100% on your nerd wavelength.

14. The only time you watched ESPN was when the Spelling Bee was on.


15. You were quick to raise your hand in class.

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16. And you always did the extra credit.

17. Basically, you were the teacher's pet... except when you corrected their grammar.

"Actually, Mrs. Stevenson, it would be 'whom,' not 'who.'"

18. You didn't know any songs from the Top 40 because you listened to classical music.

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19. You bragged about all of the honors classes you were in.

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And if you were in a gifted program you totally dropped that into conversation too.

20. When you watched Back To The Future you related more to George than Marty.

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21. You were probably really into something that the cool kids thought was lame.

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22. You made jokes that only grownups laughed at.

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23. Your parents tried to get you to fit in more, but you weren't having it.


"I won't suddenly be popular if I show up at the football game, mom!"

24. On the rare occasion you did try to act cooler it never came off quite as well as it did in your mind.


25. You read the encyclopedia for fun.

Encyclopedia Britannica

26. You almost certainly enjoyed looking up words in the dictionary, too.

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27. Lastly, you knew that while growing up nerdy wasn't always easy, things would get better.

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