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    27 People Who "Fixed" Things In The Most Hilariously Brilliant Ways Possible

    Sometimes the "wrong" way is 100% the "right" way.

    1. This person who was tired of waiting for the government to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, so they "fixed" it themselves:

    2. This aunt who "fixed" her niece's graduation photo with her then boyfriend (now ex) by replacing him with Channing Tatum:

    3. And these brothers who "fixed" a photo with their exes:

    4. This person who "fixed" an empty toilet roll:

    5. This pizza restaurant that "fixed" their off-center sign:

    6. This person who "fixed" a leak by putting a plant under it:

    7. This person who "fixed" their car's paint job:

    8. This person who "fixed" their broken windshield:

    9. And this person who "fixed" their dented car by adding a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and actually it's an upgrade:

    10. This grandchild who "fixed" the broken clock on their nana's phone:

    11. And this grandchild who "fixed" their grandfather's complicated remote controls:

    12. This person who found an artistic way to "fix" a hole in the wall: 

    13. This person who "fixed" a hole with a little help from Jack Nicholson:

    14. This person who "fixed" a hole with a little help from the Kool-Aid Man:

    15. And this person who "fixed" a hole with an assist from the Cookie Monster:

    16. This soda-drinking son who "fixed" the shower:

    17. This coworker who — after her boss complained her hair was too long — "fixed" the problem:

    18. And this husband who "fixed" not having enough photos of himself by taking this one:

    19. This person who "fixed" a broken statue by making a small substitution:

    20. This person who "fixed" a Thanksgiving display with a Lego head:

    21. And this grandpa who "fixed" a mermaid doll by getting out the ol' tool box:

    22. This person who "fixed" their broken window with a quality dad joke:

    23. This person who "fixed" this hotel's generic painting:

    24. This dad whose t-shirt got splattered with some bleach, so he "fixed" it by adding some more:

    25. This person who "fixed" their amputated finger with a well-placed tattoo:

    26. This friend who "fixed" a wrapping mistake with an A+ New Kids on the Block joke:

    27. And the people of New Orleans, who "fixed" a pothole in a way only they could: