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27 Faces Every Parent Will Immediately Recognize

If you've got kids, you've been there.

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1. The "Your Kid Takes 10 Steps Then Complains About Having to Walk" Face:

When your kid walks ten feet and then complains about having to walk...

2. The "Just Saw Another Mom With Her Screaming Toddler in the Store" Face:

3. The "Kid Won't Stop Begging for More Goldfish" Face:

When your kid won't stop begging you for more Goldfish

4. The "There's 20 Performances Left to Sit Through at This Recital" Face:

When your kid performs at the beginning of a recital and there are 20 performances left to sit thru.

5. The "Baby Starts Making Noise Over the Baby Monitor" Face:

When your kid makes noise over the baby monitor and you and your partner get real quiet.

6. The "Kid Needs Help With Their Algebra" Face:

When your #kid needs help with their Algebra #homework and you can't even spell Algebra. #imlost

7. The "Kid Slept in Until 9 a.m. on a Sunday" Face:

When your kid sleeps until 8:30 on a Sunday morning.

8. The "Kid Is Driving You Crazy Indoors" Face:

When your kid is driving you crazy indoors.

9. The "Kid Is Starting to Get Sick" Face:

Nooooo! This is what you look and sound like when your kid has a fever the day before CC. #classicalconversations

10. The "Kid Ate Something They Found on the Floor" Face:

When your kid puts a cats hairball in her mouth. Sorry Mo, that's whats called a teachable moment. @htravis_hughes

11. The "Don't Know the Answer to One of Your Kid's Questions" Face:

When your kid asks you a question to which you don't know the answer and looks at you like all respect is now gone...

12. The "Waiting for Your Kid to Clean Their Room" Face:

#MomsBeLike #Parents this is my life

13. The "Kid Keeps Asking You to Watch Them Play With Their Action Figures" Face:

When your kid asks you to look at something for the 4,728th time in the past 7 minutes.

14. The "Kid Keeps Waking You Up at 3 a.m." Face:

My face every 3am when the kids take turns waking me up. #parentproblems

15. The "Kid Is Lying and You Know It" Face:


16. The "Kids Going to Their Grandparents for the Weekend" Face:

when your kid stays with gramma & granpa for the weekend 😭

17. The "Kid Just Peed on You" Face:

18. The "Kid Answered Your Text with Just 'K'" Face:

19. The "House Is Dirty Again 15 Minutes After You Finished Cleaning It" Face:

Spend the morning cleaning & picking up everything. 15 min. later, it's all over the place again. #MomProblems

20. The "Baby is Crying at 2 a.m. and You're Waiting for Your Partner to Get Up Instead of You" Face:

When your kid is crying at 2am and you're waiting for someone to wake up to change their diaper and feed them

21. The "Kids Aren't Listening to You in Public" Face:

Hahaha. This is so me. #momproblems #kids #3sons

22. The "Kid Only Wrote One Sentence on Your Mother's Day Card" Face:

When your kid writes you a one sentence Mother's Day wish, but writes their best friend a whole full paragraph

23. The "Kid Keeps Wanting to Tell You 'One More Thing' at Bedtime" Face:

When your kid wants to tell you "one more thing" at bedtime.

24. The "Kid Asked You to Hold Their Snack While They Play" Face:

That time you totally ate your kid's snack & didn't care... #DadProblems @PlaygroundLords

25. The "Kid Is Misbehaving So You're Calling Santa" Face:

When your kid is misbehaving and you need to give Santa a call

26. The "Kid Says They Want to Take a Nap" Face:

When your kid says she wants to take a nap.

27. The "Have to Go to Work After Your Kid Cried All Night" Face:

When your kid cries all night but you still gotta get up and go to work

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