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    27 Dads Who Will Make You Laugh, Groan, And Possibly Wet Yourself

    These guys got dad jokes for days.

    1. The dad who put strawberries on his face and asked his daughter if she thought he had an acne problem:

    2. The dad who surprised his family with this chicken dinner:

    3. The dad who took extreme measures to prove just how much his daughter looked like him:

    4. The dad who — after his daughter had her phone taken away — slid this under her door:

    5. The dad who waited patiently for his daughter to look down at his plate:

    6. The dad who experienced this birth out in the wild:

    7. The dad who realized his baby looked a whole lot like a kiwi:

    khalifa69 / Via

    8. The dad who was calmly trying to ride out his kid's tantrum:

    I walk out of Target to the scene of a child laying motionless on the ground. I asked what was wrong and the dad sa…

    9. The dad who wasn't as confident as his wife that these cookies for their kid's first birthday party looked like "ones":

    My wife made 1 cookies in preparation for my son's 1st birthday party next month. I don't think they look like 1s. 😬

    10. The dad who left this comment on his daughter’s photo with her boyfriend:

    Dad wrote, "Glad they're blue!" LOLOLOL

    11. The dad who had a little fun with this bag of chips:

    nicolaxlily / Via

    12. The dad whose kid really, really wished he'd stop snapchatting:

    howtobeadad / Via

    13. The dad who moved to Tokyo and sent this photo to his son of his new apartment:

    14. The dad who made all the other dads in the world proud:

    15. The dad who insisted on using a selfie stick in public:

    16. The dad who rocked his daughter's Pikachu onesie:

    17. The dad who was a man of few words:

    laughing_coconut / Via

    18. The dad who kept leaving this Mr. Bean cutout around the house to scare his kid:

    19. The dad who went ALL OUT when re-enacting his daughter's selfie:

    therealburrmartin / Via

    20. The dad who was willing to take beauty tips from his daughter:

    LaGuardiaCross / Via

    21. The dad who was more than prepared for hammer time:

    randomgeekydad / Via

    22. The dad who photobombed his daughter's prom photo:

    23. The dad whose kids aren't going to talk to him for a LONG time:

    Told the kids there were fairies at the bottom of the garden & now they're not talking to me.

    24. The dad who wasn't exactly Mr. Sympathy about his daughter's breakup:

    25. The dad whose baby inherited his bedhead:

    Flickr: rsgranne / Via Creative Commons

    26. The dad who signed his kid's cast in the most dad-like way possible:

    WilfordBrimly / Via

    27. And the dad who formally rejected his son's request for $20:

    "We regret to inform you at this time that we are unable to provide a loan in the amount requested of $20. After reviewing your account, we have found you have insufficient funds, and a history of not doing your chores."

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