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    26 Hilarious Photos That Will Make Even The Grumpiest S.O.B. Laugh Harder Than Tom Cruise

    There are sophisticated, nuanced, and thought-provoking posts published on BuzzFeed...but this ain't one of 'em.

    Feel like laughing today?

    Good! Here's some funny stuff:

    1. First, I think we can all agree this is something you never want to see:

    Shit… from funny

    2. And this cake is probably something you didn't wake up wanting to see either, LOL:

    3. Since I just showed you cake testicles, maybe it's the right time to show you this one that'll have wholesome people saying, "I don't get it!"

    4. This kid's diary entry is hilariously relatable:

    5. And this TSA moment is cringey for everyone involved:

    6. Want to hear about a funny person? Here's Bob:

    7. Want another? This new employee who wasn't afraid to be 100% themselves on their first day:

    "Holy crap" LOLOLOLOLOL:

    Note reads, "Holy crap i'm so excited to work with you all. Thanks for having me"

    8. Gotta love this spouse who did some solid PR for her husband's grass project:

    "New Grass Loading..."

    Sign looks like a computer download that reads, "New grass loading..."

    9. And this wife who wasn't 100% comfortable with her husband watching the kids solo:

    10. OK, funny animal time! This is quite the zoo:

    A cheetah! Straight from the Sahara Desert!

    closeup of the dog in the exhibit instead of a cheetah

    11. And this woman is now married to that duck:

    12. This Amazon review that gives off strong "who wants to tell them?" energy:

    13. And this "I can't unsee that" photo might be the funniest one I've seen yet:

    14. This is probably the greatest yard sale sign of all time:

    15. And — while we're on the subject of funny signs — let's appreciate this one:

    Caution from funny

    16. And this one:

    17. Then there's this pepper to show you, because, uh, yeah:

    18. And this guy, who must have the new iPhone 14 Pro Max:

    (Kidding, I think he's just doing promo to sell phones.)

    19. This mechanic's work order will make you go "THAT wasn't a typical day!"

    "Customer states... belt knocked off due to chicken under hood. Verified customer concern... Returned chicken to customer."

    Mechanic notes read that customer thought the car coolant leaks because the belt was knocked off by a live chicken and mechanic verified that it was, fixed it, and returned the chicken to the customer

    20. Also funny? This note a dad wrote to get his kid with an injured foot out of P.E.:

    "Please excuse (my kid) from physical activities involving standing, running, and walking due to foot pain. However, if his foot falls off, he won't be in pain any more and is free to partake in normal activity. Thanks."

    21. And this X-rated letter a military man sent his partner from boot camp:


    "P.s: Here is a dick pic" with a drawing next to it

    22. I know you guys don't like to watch videos in these posts but OMG this pregnant mama is bringing the funny hard:

    23. Speaking of parents, this couple on a date night knew exactly what they were celebrating:

    24. Remember earlier when there were a few photos of funny signs in a row? When they were done were you like, "Man, I wish this post had more funny sign photos." You WERE? Well, fantastic! Here's another one:

    25. And another:

    26. Lastly, this comparison is totally random in the most hilarious way possible:

    Didn't find that last one funny? Well, you know, that's just like uh, your opinion, man.

    two men sitting down at a bowling alley