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    25 Laughs You Really, Really Need If You Have Kids Under Four

    Best read while sleep deprived or waiting for a toddler to poop.

    Just a warning: if you've never had a kid aged 0-3, you'll probably feel like C-3PO when reading this post.

    20th Century Fox

    1. But if you HAVE or HAD a rugrat, you'll definitely feel this one:

    life_of_a_parent / Via

    2. And you've probably also made this mistake:

    stayathomiesblog / Via

    3. Ditto for, uh, this expensive mistake:

    momatastic / Via

    4. But, tbh, even during the day you do most of your shopping online:

    5. Real fast before we stop talking about mistakes β€” this one will send shivers down your spine:

    thatswhatmommysaid / Via

    6. You've gone through the struggle of trying to get your toddler to try new foods:

    macaroniandmomjeans / Via

    7. And your home has been, shall we say, recently remodeled:

    themomatlaw / Via

    8. Your car has been transformed too:

    mommymemest / Via Instagram: @mommymemest

    9. You're probably nodding just looking at this chicken:

    life_of_a_parent / Via

    10. You're now probably thinking, "Pretty much!"

    life_of_a_parent / Via

    11. You've definitely, lol, tried to figure out who the blurry image in the ultrasound looked like:

    abdi_meme / Via

    12. And β€” sigh β€” you've experienced this one IRL:

    the_funny_mom_posts / Via

    13. Real talk, having little ones has changed you:

    mommymemest / Via Instagram: @mommymemest

    14. Because it is exhausting and STRESSFUL:

    BuzzFeed / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedParents

    15. Not to mention LOUD!!!:

    8808hunter / Via

    16. And it's probably affected your sex life:

    mommymemest / Via

    17. But β€” hey! β€” at least you got buff out of it:

    stayathomiesblog / Via

    18. You've definitely made this face when dealing with people without kids who just don't get what you're up against:

    realamericandadass / Via

    19. If this hasn't occurred to you already, you will never view Daniel Tiger the same way again:

    PBS / Via badparentingmoments

    20. You will probably mutter, "Seriously!" when looking at this one:

    marleysmilestones / Via

    21. And if this isn't the truth, I don't know what is:

    uneditedmommy / Via

    22. Toddlers β€” as you know β€” test you:

    oldkidsbooks / Via

    23. You put up with A LOT:

    BuzzFeed / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedParents

    24. And parenting a little kid is EX-HAUST-ING:

    BuzzFeed / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedParents

    25. Which means that you've definitely had β€” and can be forgiven for! β€” days like this:

    happymumhappychild / Via

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