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25 Parenting Hacks On Instagram That Are Borderline Genius

There's a lot more on Instagram than just selfies.

1. Cut watermelon into sticks to make them easier for little kids to eat.

2. Keep your kid patient while waiting for the doctor by letting them draw on the exam table paper.

3. Use a healthy snack's empty packaging to hide your stash of candy.

4. Use a grabber to make handing snacks (and more) to your kids a whole lot easier.

5. Attach a clip to the end of your kid's bubble wand to keep it from falling into the container.

6. Stay in shape by planking while reading your child a story.

7. Missing things you need? Set your kid loose on a scavenger hunt to find them.

8. Pool noodles make a surprisingly effective way to babyproof a coffee table — especially in a pinch.

9. Make a pretty terrific diaper caddy out of a wine carrier.

10. Wash your baby's socks in a laundry bag so you never lose another one again.

11. Keep your toddler busy by letting him "paint" the fence with water.

12. Use an empty wipes container to store travel snacks for your kids.

13. Make keeping track of your kid’s dosages easy by writing a chart on the side of the medicine bottle.

14. Slice an onion in a fraction of the time by using an apple cutter.

15. Attach a wooden spoon to a play mat to help with teething.

16. Save money by putting character stickers on generic party cups instead of buying pricey themed cups.

17. Keep toddlers entertained on a flight by letting them play with gel clings on the window.

18. Upcycle unused Lego bricks into an impressive bathroom organizer.

19. Use coffee filters as no-stress "snack bowls" for your kids.

20. Use dollar-store bins to make a snack station.

21. Make eating healthy snacks fun by putting them in an ice cube tray.

22. Put a command hook on the back of a high chair to hang bibs.

23. Use shopping cart restraints to stop your toddler from dropping their sippy cup onto the floor.

24. Have a kid who refuses to take their medicine? Dip a lollipop into the medicine, then let them suck it. Repeat until all is gone.

25. And if you end up at the supermarket with a suddenly sleepy kid, you can use a pack of toilet paper as an on-the-fly pillow.