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    25 WTF-Inducing Photos I Don't Understand And You Probably Won't Either

    If someone understands any of these...please, please explain them to us, will you?

    1. Why would you cover up a Holocaust memorial with a bunch of tributes for the Queen?

    The Holocaust Memorial Garden in Hyde Park has now become a makeshift Queen Memorial Garden

    Twitter: @graceldean

    2. Why would you fake a seizure in a Walmart for a stupid prank video? And why would you get into the ambulance when it came?

    a person in an ambulance

    3. Why would you be so desperate NOT to wear a seat belt that you'd buy one of these?

    4. Why (oh god why) would anyone think it's a good idea to run for mayor with THIS slogan?

    Like, really...why?!

    A mayoral candidate's sign that says, "A bad-a** with a big d***!"

    5. Why would you think it's OK to do this in public? And why would you dare do it in the hallowed ground that is Jersey Mike's?

    6. Why would you use your nasty foot to operate a screen other people will have to use after you?

    7. And why would you sleep like THIS on a plane?

    8. Why would take a blowup doll out to a restaurant on a dinner date? And why does it look like she's breaking up with him?

    a blowup doll on a date with a guy

    "It's not you — it's me."

    closeup of blowup doll

    9. Why would you see a classic car in a museum — behind a chain no less — and think, There's a fine place to plop myself down?

    10. Why – of all things — would you steal someone's tomato plants?

    11. Why would you think this was a totally cool sign to put up at your gym?

    12. And why would you think this baby onesie was perfectly cool to sell in your store?

    13. Why would you leave all of this perfectly good chicken to spoil by the shoe section?

    14. Why would a bar need to put up a sign like this? I mean, I can imagine why...but is this an ongoing problem? And why are people using the blinds?

    15. Why would you decide to commemorate your relationship with a heart charm like this? And can you really call this a heart charm? Or is it a...something else charm?

    16. Why would you think it's a good idea to put, "If it's wobbling, the wife's gobbling," on your trailer home?

    Sir...this is a Wendy's.

    closeup of the sign

    17. And why would think it's a good idea to put a stripper pole on your truck?

    18. Why would you use this excuse for closing the store...even if were true?

    19. Why would you want to have a "Who cheated more" competition with your ex? And why would you want to share with everyone how, um, uncommitted you were to each other?

    long list of people that an ex-couple cheated with

    20. Why would you fill your front yard with ALL these signs?

    Totally normal: "I know da cure 4 muffin top, body odor, and skin cancer. I want control of the White House for trade"

    the sign

    21. Why — oh why, oh why, oh why — would you drive around as Captain Blue Balls?

    Yeehaw from trashy

    22. And why would you drive around broadcasting that you bought your sports car with drug money? And if you're a you think this is cute?

    23. Why would you smash your kid's Xbox? And why would you call it a "mommy moment"?

    24. Why would you park right in front of the freaking cart return? (But I totally get why people left their carts to block him in.)

    25. And lastly, Kanye, why would you do this? I think we'd all like to know...WHY?