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    25 Ridiculously Passive-Aggressive People Who Are Hard Not To Like

    They could've addressed these problems head on, but that wouldn't have been nearly as much fun.

    1. This boyfriend is OVER his girlfriend leaving her hair in the shower, so he did this:

    Hair on a smiling stick

    2. This person renamed their internet network to send a message to their neighbor:


    3. And this applicant replied to ridiculous job ads just to let them know how ridiculous they are:

    "Coldest Regards"

    4. This person was mad their roommate bought a Keurig when they already had a coffee they did this:

    Coffee beans with notes on them

    5. This fitness app programmer knew exactly what they were doing:

    "Great job on that 0 seconds of walking you just did!"

    6. And whoever is responsible for coming up with this confirmation number seems a tad disgruntled, if you ask me:


    7. "Wildlife" (or whoever is speaking for it here) has no patience for poo bags being left on this tree:

    "Please take it home to your own garden and hang it in your own tree"

    8. This coworker was upset their cubicle mate left this banana on their desk for days, so...:

    "Fuck you" written on a banana

    9. And this coworker had, well, had it with the messes in the kitchen:

    "Don't forget to remind your Mum to sign in at reception when she comes to do your dishes!"

    10. Debbi was also tired of messes (in this case her roommates'):

    "Who's watching Netflix?"

    11. This guitar shop owner refused to listen to the same damn riffs every day:


    12. And this teacher let their students KNOW:

    A chart to show the teacher's temper

    13. This person suggested littering might not be the best idea:

    "Why are you littering?"

    14. This bar owner suggested using toilet paper like a civilized human being:

    "This is toilet paper."

    15. And this person suggested their neighbors lower the volume on their sex sessions:

    "pull your bed out from the wall."

    16. This person — after their neighbor Ann took these bricks without asking — took them back and put them in their front yard like this:

    "FREE to anyone but Ann!"

    17. This Wii Fit programmer got slightly salty:

    "It's been 5330 days since I saw you last!"

    18. And this fast food staff didn't want to hear it:

    "If you run out of patience, ask for an application."

    19. This store owner alerted all about the BENEFITS of shoplifting:

    "Win a free ride"

    20. This headteacher almost certainly didn't really mean "outstanding work":

    "Headteacher's Message of the Day"

    21. And this podcaster is fine with you skipping this ad...REALLY:

    "skip the ad!"

    22. This kid found a card that expressed exactly how they feel about their stepmom:

    "To a really special dad and his wife at Christmas"

    23. This restaurant made a polite suggestion:

    "You should also consider washing your hands when there's not a global virus panic"

    24. This Wikipedia writer trolled a long-gone inventor:

    "This is a list of inventors whose deaths were in some manner caused by or related to a product, process, procedure, or other innovation..."

    25. And the National Park Service couldn't help but join in the passive aggressive fun:

    "To avoid crowds, visit areas that are less crowded."

    HT: r/funny