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21 People With No Shame Who Will Make You Cringe So Hard

Let's just say there are some real pieces of work out there.

Are you feeling optimistic? Happy? Joyous even? Like the world is a wonderful place filled with well-meaning people?

If so, I suggest you STOP READING NOW...because the following 21 people are all but guaranteed to make your mood take a 180°:

1. This dude who posted on Facebook about the birth of his first child with the heartwarming statement "A Real Human Was Made By My Cum":

guy posting that he made a human with his cum

2. This person who — gag — gathered up all the roach legs they could find in their home and sold them as eyelash extensions on Facebook:

person proudly posting their roach leg lashes creation

3. This high school in Virginia that has a confederate flag painted on their entry doors in the year 2023:

students walking with the flag on the doors

4. This scary-ass weirdo driving around this car, freaking everyone out:

creepy dolls and halloween structure with the license plate reading body parts wanted

5. And whoever the proud owner is of this self-proclaimed "MILF Mobile":

bummer stickers about milfs all over a car bumper

6. These homeschooling parents who bragged about their teenagers not knowing basic things like the alphabet, months, or even days of the week:

parents talking about their teens and 6 year olds who don't know certain thing from being home schooled

7. This charmer who took a photo of the laptop he was selling...without realizing his crack pipe was caught in his reflection:

phone and crack pipe in the laptop reflection

8. And – sigh — this person seriously trying to sell this "still soft" couch that "doesn't smell anymore":

gently squirted on couch

9. This person just openly bragging — while using laughing emojis — about shoplifting:

someone responding that they steal from walmart all the time

10. This church that decided to get offensively political:

heaven has strict immigration laws hell has open borders

11. This couple that's just digging around in each other's pants for all to see:

man with his hands in his girlfriend's pants in a restaurant

12. This tagger who had no qualms whatsoever about destroying this beautiful mural:

grafitti over a wall mural

13. This butcher using meat as a door stop that I really, REALLY hope they don't try to sell later:

package of meat holding a door

14. Whoever the nasty person is who inspired this sign:

if you need to go to the bathroom use our toilet instead of the garbage can thank you

15. This uncle who really needs to do some reflecting on his life:

had my nephew pee in a cup for me he asked did i need some dookie too

16. This pistachio-eating jerk who left their seat in a movie theater looking like this:

pistachio shells in the cup holder

17. And this similarly decency-challenged moviegoer:

bare feet peeking out through the movie seats

18. This mom who got her son an e-cigarette themed cake for his 16th birthday:

hugo boss cake and an e-cig prop on the side

19. The man on the fruit stall, I guess:

note warning women to get an s.t.i test if they've been messing with the fruit stall guy

20. These lazy people who — instead of returning their carts like you're supposed to — left them blocking a handicapped space:

cart abandoned in the walmart parking lot

21. And whoever left this bus seat absolutely covered in orange and banana peels — and other things — I mean come on!:

pile of peels and food on a seat

HT: r/trashy