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23 Ideas For Making The Ultimate Superhero Bedroom

Your kid will think you're a superhero when you're finished.

1. Paint your kid's room the shade of their favorite superhero.

2. Frame Lego Super Heroes in a shadow box.

3. DIY an old dresser into a superhero-themed one using Marvel Comics fabric.

4. You can also swap out a dresser's knobs with superhero ones.

5. Turn your kid's closet into Superman's telephone booth.

6. Decorate your kid's walls with these vintage, minimalist superhero posters.

7. These prints — which come with great lessons for your kid — are also spectacular for the walls.

8. Use old comic books to cover light switches and outlets.

9. Throw down a superhero themed rug.

10. Frame a newspaper touting your kid's latest heroics.

11. Outfit your kid's bed with a superhero themed comforter and sheets.

12. These pillows are the perfect final touch for a superhero-themed bed.

13. Use a shoe organizer to store superhero figures.

14. Tie back curtains with a superhero mask.

15. Add a superhero mural to the wall.

16. Use Halloween masks to make great, low-cost wall hangings.

17. Go all in and get your kid this Batman bed set.

18. DIY your kid's name in superhero letters.

19. Stitch this superhero-themed alphabet.

20. Make Thor's hammer.

21. DIY a superhero side table.

22. Swap out ceiling fan blades with these superhero-themed ones.

23. Get this incredible Captain America shield nightlight.