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    23 Photos From The '80s You Will Feel Like You Lived

    If you lived through it, these photos are guaranteed to make you smile.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their most epic '80s photos and the results were a definite blast from the past:

    Note: Not all images were submitted by Community members.

    1. Yes, young people, we really did dress like extras out of a John Hughes film.

    "This was Junior High. I’m on the far right, and yes, I'm wearing a ‘Fresh’ Kool and the Gang concert T-shirt."


    2. Proms were epic too — but RIP to all of the hair spray.

    3. If you were a kid in the '80s, you likely have a school photo like this somewhere.

    "Me in preschool, circa 1987."


    4. You definitely had your own badass Big Wheels.

    "My brother’s shirt. And shorts. And socks. And hair. And those Big Wheels. And my bowl cut. So '80s."


    5. And you for sure had a Cabbage Patch Kid (and probably that "Billie Jean" poster on the wall).

    Flickr: 22404965@N08 / Via Creative Commons

    6. There's a good chance you bought one of these fake magazine covers because... the '80s.

    7. If you met a celebrity, it was probably one who screamed '80s.

    "This is me, my mom, and Dolph Lundgren, from He-Man and Rocky IV fame!"


    8. For the record, 1986 World Series champion Darryl Strawberry definitely screamed '80s.

    "This is my fiancé with Darryl Strawberry in 1987. Just look at that height difference!"


    9. Of course, you might have been lucky enough to meet a celebrity whose star shone before and beyond the '80s.

    "Just me and Elton John, around 1985, hanging out in the SeaWorld gift shop, NBD."


    10. Meeting Michael Jackson in the '80s? That's about as '80s as it gets.

    Alan Light / Flickr: alan-light / Via Creative Commons

    11. And if you met O.J. in the '80s, he would have been a former football hero and Hertz pitchman. That's it.

    "This photo was taken in San Clemente, California, around 1984 after my grandpa and the Juice played tennis together. #babyintuition"


    12. If you were a kid in the '80s you surely had an Alf doll.

    "Middle school tragedy. Jheri curl, broken glasses, and an Alf doll. This girl had a boyfriend but the 2016 me does not. Hmm."


    13. And if you met Santa you probably did it wearing acid wash jeans.

    "Wearing a Neon LA Gear sweatshirt and acid wash jeans. Surprised I wasn't rockin' my side pony."


    14. If you were a little bit older you had one of these.

    15. And if you didn't look like someone straight out of Revenge of the Nerds, you knew someone who did.

    Flickr: loufi / Via Creative Commons

    (You also had a mini pool table.)

    16. If you had an Apple product it was less "6s" and more "IIE."

    Flickr: ste3ve / Via Creative Commons

    17. This is what McDonald's looked like, and every burger came in a styrofoam container.

    Flickr: 42353480@N02 / Via Creative Commons

    18. There is a 91.7% chance you knew someone who had this couch (if you didn't yourself).

    "The '80s were a much more simple time — sail boats, E.T., and that couch."


    19. If you lived outside of a big city, this photo will definitely bring back memories.

    "My mother and the first truck my parents bought as a couple sometime around 1985."


    20. And if you were in a relationship, you likely had matching hairstyles, as you did in the '80s.

    "The day my mom and dad got engaged in August, 1984. Check out those matching haircuts."


    21. If you lived through the '80s, you probably wanted to look like a rock star.

    "Here I am in all my denim glory, hair perfectly feathered, holding the electric guitar that I never played. Apparently I wasn’t worried about the fact that my bedroom was mint green."


    22. Sometimes looking like a rock star was a lot of work.

    Flickr: tomronworldwide / Via Creative Commons

    23. But even if you didn't try to look like a rock star, odds are you at least had a Van Halen shirt. (We all did.)

    "My parents and me in either ‘87 or ‘88. I think this is a good '80s photo what with the mullet-style hair and the Van Halen shirt, lol."


    Good catch up, '80s.


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