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23 Photos From The '80s You Will Feel Like You Lived

If you lived through it, these photos are guaranteed to make you smile.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their most epic '80s photos and the results were a definite blast from the past:

Note: Not all images were submitted by Community members.

1. Yes, young people, we really did dress like extras out of a John Hughes film.

"This was Junior High. I’m on the far right, and yes, I'm wearing a ‘Fresh’ Kool and the Gang concert T-shirt."


9. Of course, you might have been lucky enough to meet a celebrity whose star shone before and beyond the '80s.

11. And if you met O.J. in the '80s, he would have been a former football hero and Hertz pitchman. That's it.

"This photo was taken in San Clemente, California, around 1984 after my grandpa and the Juice played tennis together. #babyintuition"


20. And if you were in a relationship, you likely had matching hairstyles, as you did in the '80s.

21. If you lived through the '80s, you probably wanted to look like a rock star.

"Here I am in all my denim glory, hair perfectly feathered, holding the electric guitar that I never played. Apparently I wasn’t worried about the fact that my bedroom was mint green."


23. But even if you didn't try to look like a rock star, odds are you at least had a Van Halen shirt. (We all did.)

"My parents and me in either ‘87 or ‘88. I think this is a good '80s photo what with the mullet-style hair and the Van Halen shirt, lol."


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