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    23 Beds Your Kids Will Lose Their Minds Over

    Damn, Daniel! Back at it again with the amazing bed!

    1. This bed from a galaxy far, far away.

    2. This amazing carriage bed for a little princess or prince.

    3. This bed you DO NOT want to step on.

    4. This Corvette bed that will put your kid to sleep... fast.

    5. There's also this cool buggy bed for kids on the move.

    6. This dump truck bed that comes with 51 working marker lights.

    7. This bunk bed that's perfect for your beach boys or girls.

    8. Of course, your beach boys or girls might prefer this tropical surf shack bunk.

    9. Train-loving kids would surely choo-choo-choose this bed.

    10. This playhouse bunk bed that will feel like home.

    11. This bunk bed that's perfect for any kid who ever dreamed of having a tree house.

    12. Your kid will be able to take on any emergency with this fire engine bed.

    13. This airplane bed that is totally first class.

    14. This bunk bed that makes it totally okay to sleep on the bus.

    15. This pirate ship bed that's arrr-guably the coolest one on this list.

    16. This chateau bunk bed that comes with a slide.

    17. This chuckwagon from the "Old West" that will get your kid some serious rest.

    18. This castle-themed murphy bed straight out of a fairy tale.

    19. And this castle bed straight out of the actual Medieval Times.

    20. This tractor-themed bed for a kid who dreams of the country.

    21. This adorable bed that lets your kid sleep on a blue monster.

    22. This adorable Dollhouse-themed loft bunk bed.

    23. And this trailer loft bed that you can actually go inside.