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23 Award-Winning Birth Photos From 2022 That Put You Right In The Room Where It Happens

Nine months lead up to one absolutely unforgettable day.

Oh, baby! It's that time of year when the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers announces the winners of its yearly competition, and 2023's honorees are as must-see as ever.

The IAPBP has more than 1,100 members spanning 52 countries.

Warning: these photos include nudity and, in one instance, child loss.

1. First, this awe-inspiring photo of an en caul birth — that's when a baby is delivered still inside the amniotic sac — won Best Overall Birth Details.

2. This amazing capture of a water birth won Best Overall Delivery.

3. This striking image of a mother's strength and partner's support was named Best Overall Labor.

4. This photo capturing the exhaustion — and bliss — after delivering a child was awarded Best Overall Postpartum.

(Warning: the next image depicts child loss, so you may want to skip ahead.)

5. In order to "honor and recognize the one in four birthing persons who experience miscarriage and/or infant loss," the IAPBP has an Overall Hardship & Loss category — below is this year's winner.

6. And this dramatic photo of a baby — partially still in the amniotic sac — got the big prize...Overall First Place Winner.

7. This dramatic mid-birth shot won the sub-category of Birth Details: Black and White.

8. This joyous capture of a family post-birth won the sub-category of Delivery: Black and White.

9. This beautiful shot moments after a baby arrived via C-section won the sub-category of Delivery: Documentary.

10. This incredible photo — of a baby half in, half out — won the sub-category of Delivery: Fine Art.

11. This moment before the storm — with a little support from the family pup — won the sub-category of Labor: Black and White.

12. This photo of a woman summoning the strength to keep going won the sub-category of Labor: Documentary.

13. This sweet photo of a newborn meeting their parents won the sub-category of Postpartum: Black and White.

14. This photo capturing a profoundly emotional moment won the sub-category of Postpartum: Documentary.

15. This photo of a mother, her baby, and their placenta won the sub-category of Postpartum: Fine Art.

In addition to the photos selected by the competition's judges, the association's members recognized these additional standouts:

16. This photo of a father cupping his new baby's head as they came into the world won the Members Choice Award for Delivery.

17. This photo of a woman looking skyward in the shower won the Members Choice Award for Labor.

Lastly, here are a few truly incredible photos that were named honorable mentions:

18. "Beautiful, Beautiful Boy" is by Tiarra Doherty of Mother Wolf Birth Photography.

19. "Cry of Love" is by Anne Barbosa of Anne Lucy Fotografia.

20. "Bloodline" is by Alannah Finn of Birth Body Photography.

21. "You Are My VBAC Queen" is by Erin Stetson of Erin Beth Birth Photography.

22. "Liminal Space" is by Megan Angstadt-Willia of Badger & Quill Photography.

23. And "All Lines Lead to You" is by Laura Brink of Rewild Her.

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