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20 Survival Tips To Get You Through Costco Alive

Taking your family to Costco isn’t as difficult as surviving a zombie apocalypse, but it’s close.

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6. Keep your head down and walk straight to the first item on your list.


You do not want the kids to see the toy section. And your wallet doesn't need you to see all the cool stuff in the electronics section, either.


12. But think twice on perishables.


I once got a deal on four pounds of shrimp. For the next week I woke up every night in a cold sweat worrying that it'd go bad before I finished it all.

14. It’s easy to get distracted by the Costco-ness of it all. Stay focused.

Via Flickr: plasticcandy

Yes, those are 14-foot Christmas trees for sale in August. No, you don’t need one. What’s next on the shopping list?


18. Just keep heading in one direction until you see something you recognize.

"There in the distance... Past the industrial sized jar of oatmeal... That's the book section! I know where we are! I KNOW WHERE WE ARE!"

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