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    21 Unbelievably Adorable Pregnancy Announcements On Instagram

    In this case, they really did do it for the 'gram.

    In the olden days (i.e., before social media), pregnancy announcements came in the mail. Now, though, many people make their announcements on Instagram, and they're as cute as they are creative:

    1. For example, these parents-to-be used their favorite beverages to share the good news (and due date).

    2. More of a coffee drinker? Not a problem.

    3. These carefully arranged safety pins say everything in the cutest way possible.

    4. This announcement is perfect for a beach-loving family.

    5. And this one is perfect for gamers.

    6. This couple turned their announcement into a LOL-tastic movie poster.

    7. Balloons that spell "baby" and a beaming couple? I mean, that's too cute, right?

    8. This fit couple decided to let everyone know they've been floating above the ground ever since they got the news:

    9. And this couple busted out the spaghetti to announce they were "preggo."

    10. This mom and dad used their (soon-to-be) oldest child to capture an unforgettable shot at Disneyland.

    11. If the last one made you go, "Cool, but there's no way I'm going to Disneyland pregnant," there's this equally adorable one filmed at home.

    12. Or do what these parents did — ask their kid to draw a picture explaining the situation.

    13. Got one of each? Then this "tiebreaker" announcement will make you smile.

    14. Pets can help make memorable announcements too! Check out this cat that had a little trouble processing the news.

    15. And this dog who wants to learn everything he can before his new buddy arrives.

    16. This couple used their truck to make an announcement that is very Texas.

    17. And this couple used their car to announce their family's latest driver.

    18. Food can be used to make a striking announcement as well. Like, doesn't this just scream "I'm pregnant!"?

    19. This couple let everyone in on the news by posting a photo of these incredible cupcakes.

    20. Here's one more food one — jelly beans can help you "spill the beans."

    21. And finally, an elegant shot of an ultrasound will make your friends and family gasp just as much!