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    20 Incredibly Cool Things For Kids People Stumbled Across In The World

    Wow, can we all be kids again please?

    1. This dentist's office that has video games for kids to play in the waiting room:

    2. This playground that has a velociraptor hidden in the sandpit for kids to dig up:

    3. Plus this playground featuring a giant pirate ship:

    4. And this playground that lights up at night:

    5. This bathroom that has a separate door for kids:

    6. And this store that has a separate, charming door for kids:

    7. This car wash that lets kids shoot suds at the cars as they pass by:

    8. This supermarket that lets kids eat a free piece of fruit as their parents shop:

    9. And this supermarket that has kid-sized shopping carts:

    10. This school that has racks for kids to store their skateboards:

    11. This subway train that plays cartoons:

    12. And this train that has a literal play area inside of it:

    13. This bathroom that has a step-up to the sink for kids:

    14. This doctor's office that turned the exam paper into fun activities:

    15. This bathroom which has to be the most kid-friendly bathroom ever:

    16. And this bathroom with a kid-sized robot urinal:

    17. This construction site that has special windows for kids to peek through:

    18. And this pizza place that has steps so kids can watch the pizza be made:

    19. This park that has a child-sized bench:

    20. And this airport that has an incredibly cool "miniature airport" play place: