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    21 Things Parents Who Love To Read Will Relate To In A Major Way

    (Looks up from book) "STOP HITTING YOUR BROTHER!" (Looks back to book)

    1. There’s a good chance you gave your kid a literary name.

    2. And since everyone knows you love to read, you got a LOT of books and literary-themed gifts at your baby shower.

    Not that you mind — in fact, you were probably thrilled! (Side note: here are links to buy the WTWTA bib and Charlotte's Web blocks. You're welcome).

    3. In fact, your baby shower might have even been book themed!

    sandy_mcdermott83 / Via

    4. If you didn’t have a literary-themed nursery, well, you sort of, kind of, definitely wish you did.

    Kaycee Daniel‎ / Via

    Why, yes, that IS a Harry Pottery nursery. Mah Gahd.

    5. When you read to your kids at night, they tell you story time is over, not the other way around.

    Flickr: lekasfamily / Via Creative Commons

    6. Now that you're a parent, books where bad things happen to kids just don't do it for you anymore.

    Little, Brown

    7. When another parent tells you they haven’t read since they had kids you’re like:

    You get it, of course, because kids take up all your time. But not reading at all? You can't imagine.

    8. The list of books you want to introduce to your kid is through the roof.

    Flickr: indi / Via Creative Commons

    9. Sometimes, though, you put off introducing your kid to a book you REALLY love because you don't know how you'd handle it if they didn't love it too.


    10. Reading during the day is hard — because, you know, kids — and that drives you nuts, especially when you're in the middle of a real page turner.

    Fine Line

    11. When you DO try to read during the day, your kid's constant interruptions have you like:


    12. This is why — unlike other parents who hate waiting for their kids at, say, sports practice — you love it. Because it's a chance to read!

    livinginheavensshadow / Via

    Nap time is also a "Thank you, Lord!" opportunity to crack open a book.

    13. Of course, the best time to read is once the kids are down for the night, which means you’re always exhausted the next day from staying up way too late reading.


    14. Your kid has more than their share of literary-themed clothes and toys.

    Have they read Shakespeare? Maybe, maybe not. But they've got the shirt!

    15. And if you haven't thrown your kid a book-themed birthday party, you've thought long and hard about it.

    barefootlibrarian / Via

    YOU: "How about a Diary of a Wimpy Kid party!"

    YOUR KID: "No, Lego Batman!"

    YOU: "What about Where The Wild Things Are"?

    YOUR KID: "Lego Batman! Lego Batman!"

    YOU: ...

    16. When you talk about reading sometimes people assume — because you're a parent — that your books of choice are of the Fifty Shades of Grey variety. Which is condescending AF.


    You may or may not have read Fifty Shades of Grey, but to assume that's all you read? PUH-LEASE.

    17. You've experienced the trauma of discovering your kid destroyed one of your books.

    oradalelanuja / Via

    Count yourself lucky if they only messed with the cover and didn't pull out any of the pages.

    18. Reading on a Kindle, iPad, or smart phone can be problematic with kids, too.

    gaurangagg / Via

    YOU: "Did somebody touch my Kindle?!"

    KIDS: (Run away at top speed.)

    19. Sometimes you’re so into a book that you try to talk to your kid about it, but they’re like:


    20. Even so, your kids are lucky because you've taken them to lots and lots of cool events at libraries and book stores.

    barnesandnoble_88 / Via barnesandnoble_88

    21. And when your kids say things like, “You’re always reading!" you know that — while your reading may bug them now — you’re setting a great example.

    Inspirebookbox / Via

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