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21 Struggles That Are Way Too Real For The Parents Of Picky Eaters

"Take one bite! Please! Just one lousy bite!"

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9. Searching Pinterest for help only to find suggestions that you turn your kid's dinner into elaborate food art.

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Is that all I have to do, Pinterest? Spend an extra hour preparing every meal?


19. Having to “Frankenstein" a meal your kid deems inedible.

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"There! I cut the breading off the chicken, picked the carrots out of the veggies, and scooped away the top layer of mashed potatoes that you said looked weird."


20. Resisting the urge to do bodily harm to people who insist on judging you because your kid won’t eat.

“Oh, really? You simply wouldn’t allow your kid to be a picky eater like mine? I didn’t know it was so easy!”

21. And doing your best to focus on the fact that even Albert Einstein was a picky-eater kid, so it can't be all that bad.

Was Einstein really a picky eater as a kid? Who knows! But let's just say he was because we need this.