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    21 Struggles That Are Way Too Real For The Parents Of Picky Eaters

    "Take one bite! Please! Just one lousy bite!"

    1. Having to make your kid the same boring-ass meal day after day after day.

    Lord give me the strength if this kid asks for another plate of noodles with butter.

    2. Being excited when your kid announces that they like a new food, only to be told, "I changed my mind."

    Flickr: whiper / Via Creative Commons

    3. The pit in your stomach when you think about how many fruit snacks your kid consumes on a daily basis. / Via Creative Commons

    They're made with 10% fruit juice, right? That's practically health food.

    4. Also, the pit in your stomach when you picture your kid as a 40-year-old who eats buttered white bread for every meal.

    Columbia Pictures

    5. Trying to act natural when you serve your kid a meal you've made with "hidden vegetables."

    Warner Bros.

    Your kid: "There's something weird in this."

    You: "Thanks a lot, Pinterest."

    6. Always having to make sure the food on your kid's plate never, ever touches.

    Twitter: @HanRaySut

    Your kid: "Ew! They're touching! Ew!"

    You: "Really?"

    7. Gaining weight because you're always finishing off your kid’s leftovers.


    8. Keeping your cool after your kid begs you to make them something, then takes only two tiny bites.

    9. Searching Pinterest for help only to find suggestions that you turn your kid's dinner into elaborate food art.

    Greenartphotography / Getty Images

    Is that all I have to do, Pinterest? Spend an extra hour preparing every meal?

    10. Being treated like the meanest parent in the world for trying to get your kid to try one lousy bite.

    Flickr: 28603429@N06 / Via Creative Commons

    "Just try one bite! ONE BITE!"

    11. Listening to your mom tell your kid that you used to be a picky eater too, basically undermining everything you’ve done to get them to eat.


    12. Also, listening to your parents gloat because they somehow got your kid to eat something new at their house.

    20th Century Fox

    Your mom: "It was so easy!"

    You: ...

    13. The feeling of despair as you prepare a meal you know damn well your kid isn’t going to eat.

    14. Trying not to injure yourself rolling your eyes when you see all of the “Turn Your Picky Eater Into a Foodie!” articles.

    15. Trying to understand how your kid can like peanut butter but not peanuts, spaghetti sauce but not tomatoes, and strawberry ice cream but not strawberries.

    Flickr: chefranden / Via Creative Commons

    It makes no sense!

    16. Going to dinner with another family and watching their kid eat something sophisticated while your kid eats plain pasta.

    BuzzFeed / Via

    17. Lying about the ingredients in the new meal you're preparing when your kid suddenly wanders into the kitchen.

    "Onions? No. Just regular ingredients, regular ingredients you like."

    18. Listening to your kid negotiate how many bites of dinner they have to take before they can have dessert. / Via Creative Commons

    19. Having to “Frankenstein" a meal your kid deems inedible.

    20th Century Fox

    "There! I cut the breading off the chicken, picked the carrots out of the veggies, and scooped away the top layer of mashed potatoes that you said looked weird."

    20. Resisting the urge to do bodily harm to people who insist on judging you because your kid won’t eat.

    “Oh, really? You simply wouldn’t allow your kid to be a picky eater like mine? I didn’t know it was so easy!”

    21. And doing your best to focus on the fact that even Albert Einstein was a picky-eater kid, so it can't be all that bad.

    Was Einstein really a picky eater as a kid? Who knows! But let's just say he was because we need this.

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