21 Products Under $10 Every New Parent Needs To Know About

    Cool parenting stuff on a budget.

    1. This hook that attaches to a stroller so you can easily transport a diaper bag, groceries, and more.

    2. These pouch toppers that allow a baby feed themselves.

    3. This brush that lets you apply diaper cream to your baby's behind without the mess.

    4. These wipes for a baby's nose that provide relief from colds and flus.

    5. This drying rack that can hold up to 16 baby bottles and accessories at once.

    6. This strap that stops a bottle from falling to the floor and getting lost or dirty.

    7. This medicine dispenser that limits spitting-up and gagging.

    8. This training toothbrush that will help your infant develop good oral hygiene.

    9. The formula dispenser that's great for when you're out and about with your baby.

    10. These scissors that safely cut your baby's nails.

    11. These hand-sanitizing wipes that are alcohol free.

    12. This cute bath toy that is terrific for developing hand-eye coordination.

    13. This on-the-go musical toy that lights up and plays seven different classical songs.

    14. This fresh food feeder that lets your baby eat fruits and vegetables.

    15. This ball-shaped rattle that babies absolutely love.

    16. This saline mist that will gently loosen your baby's nasal passages.

    17. This adorable animal-themed changing pad.

    18. This spoon that lets you feed your baby four ounces of baby food without spilling.

    19. This development toy that will enhance your baby's brain activity.

    20. This brush that will keep your baby bottles impressively clean.

    21. These containers that make storing homemade baby food a snap.