21 Possibly Cursed Parents Who — I Promise! — Had An Infinitely Worse Week Than You

    These kids are going to be the death of us all, let me tell you!

    Parenting isn't easy for anyone, so if you're having a tough week, remember there are OTHER parents going through it, too, like...

    1. The parent whose kid casually said, "I think something bit my ear":

    A child with a swollen ear

    2. The parent who — after falling asleep on the couch — had their sneaky kid use their finger to sign up for THIS app:

    Screenshot of a bill for an app

    3. The parent who took their daughters to a trampoline park for kids and encountered this charmer:

    A man wearing a shirt that says "Coronavirus Vaccine" with an arrow pointing downward

    4. And the mom whose kid flew their drone into her hair:

    A small drone caught in someone's hair

    5. The mom who prepared this impressive spread for her son's toddler group...and then had 7/8 of the invited moms cancel half an hour before it was supposed to start:

    An assortment of snacks and beverages

    6. The parent who — gag — found their daughter's hairbrush hanging in the shower looking like this:

    A brush covered in hair

    7. The parent who THOUGHT they'd completed everything they needed to for an overseas trip until...:

    If you were my 2-year-old, where would you hide your brother's brand new passport?

    Twitter: @amy_may

    8. And the parent who was excited to take their daughter fishing, but had it end after 15 minutes when...:

    A fish hook in someone's arm

    9. The parent who was looking forward to enjoying this ice cream, then discovered their kid had eaten it, filled the carton with water, and froze it as a prank:

    Frozen water in an ice cream carton

    10. The parent whose kid read 50 books for their elementary school's reading challenge, and then received this "reward":

    A hand holding a pencil

    11. The parent who wanted to surprise their kid with a PlayStation 5...and then opened it to discover this:

    A PS5 box with a brick inside

    12. The dad who thought his kids were complimenting his cooking, and then found out he was very wrong:

    last night 8 and 9 rated my dinner a 9. i felt great until i realized the scale they were using was 1 through 2,000. that's a bullshit range.

    Twitter: @dadmann_walking

    13. The parent who thought it'd be fun to take their kid to see their childhood home, and then drove up to see this:

    A demolished house

    14. The parent who bought a bag of churros to surprise their kids with...and then had this happen:

    Churros on the ground

    15. The dad who fell while carrying his baby and scraped his leg...which then got INFECTED:

    An infected foot

    16. The mom whose kid was a little too enthusiastic about the prospect of her kicking the bucket:

    My kids know that I’m asthmatic and very allergic to cats. Older daughter: “I don’t like cats because mommy’s allergic to them.” Younger daughter: “When mommy dies, I’m getting a cat!”

    Twitter: @meena

    17. The parent who spent $500 to take their kid to see Frozen on Broadway, and ended up seated behind this 6'8" man:

    The audience at "Frozen"

    18. The parent of the kids who got into a fight and hurled the Switch controller into the flatscreen TV:

    A broken TV

    19. The mom whose kid did this to her new glasses five minutes after they arrived:

    A hand holding broken glasses

    20. The parent whose kids gifted them this jumbo container of pretzels for their birthday, and then — before they'd even eaten a single pretzel — found it like this:

    A half-eaten jug of pretzels

    21. And the mom whose attempt to dissuade her kid from getting a tattoo didn't quite go as she hoped:

    Henry wants a tattoo for his 18th birthday so I reminded him that I have a giant tiger tramp stamp from when I was his age and he said, “perfect that’s what I’ll get.” Now he & his brothers are discussing how funny it would be if we all had tiger tramp stamps, like AS A FAMILY 🙄

    Twitter: @iamemmaarnold