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21 Parents Who Are Having Way Too Much Fun Photographing Their Babies

Not all baby photos are created equal.

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1. The parents who caught their baby wailing on the guitar:

2. The parents who googley-eyed their baby:

3. The parents who added a banana for scale:

4. The parents who introduced the family dogs to the new addition:

5. The parents who probably should have waited to introduce the family dog:

6. The parents who discovered their baby and dog were BFFs:

7. The parents who put their burrito next to an actual burrito:

8. The mom who snapped her little burrito next to her big one:

9. The parents who caught this #$@&%*! adorable shot of their daughter meeting the baby:

10. The dad who decided to recreate his baby's birth announcement photo:

11. And the dad who wanted to prove bedhead is inherited:

Flickr: rsgranne / Via Creative Commons

12. The parents who tried to turn their baby's cries down:

Flickr: noddymini / Via Creative Commons

13. The parents who made their baby Groot:

14. The parents who didn't let the fact their baby fell asleep ruin their Santa photo-op:

15. The parents who captured their baby doing the Joey Tribbiani:

16. The parents who took this memorable snap at the zoo:

17. The parents who filmed this disturbing/funny birth announcement:

18. And the Xbox addicts who made this birth announcement:

19. The parents who turned their baby into a silent film villain:

20. The parents who weren't afraid to playfully baby shame:

21. And the parents who couldn't get enough of pulling faces with their new best friend:

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